Why are religious women called “nuns”?

Nuns what are they? They are helpful women who work in the churches and obey all the laws of religion. They have a strict religious life, they are called sisters but sometimes referred as nuns. These women spend their lives in chastity, vows, poverty and in a convent. The word nun comes from many language or at least many languages have a connection to the word. The word in Sanskrit(India) is connected to the word nana which translates to grandmother, not only does it mean that in Sanskrit but in Farsi too(Afghanistan). In Latin, the word nonna relates to nun, it means “child’s nurse”. In Greek, nane means “good”, all these words together combine give the great word nun and it’s amazing meaning. Everything that is good and devoted.

The word nun can be attributed to religious women of various religion, Eastern Orthodox , Lutherans, Taoist and Anglicans.