Why are Canadians called Canucks?

I suppose everyone has heard this one, many non Canadians call the inhabitants of the second biggest country “canucks”.  Fellow Americans called them often by that name, it is all for fun these days but before it had a more deep meaning.

The word first came to be in 1835 as a derogatory American reference towards the  French Canadians, whom were crossing the border because of the better work conditions etc.. This was specially the case in Maine, where the French Canadians of the Province of Quebec worked in the lumber mills. Today though, it is not an insult but rather a joke or farce towards our French friends. Some think it is a combination of the word canoeman, which in French is canaque. Or maybe it’s related to the word Canada/Kanata which the Indians said with a suffix of uk.

Over a million of the French Canadians crossed the lands and settled in New England, because of the better salary and more work.