Who is More Intuitive, a Man or a Woman?

As we all know, the verbal, detail-oriented side of the brain is the left, while the spatial intuitive non-verbal side is the right. Therefore, who is more verbal, the average man or woman? Since the woman speaks twice as many words than the man even before the age of two, therefore, the answer is the woman.

Men are much more non-verbal, usually preferring physical activities even when they were kids. So, the proof is clear that women is more inclined in their left brains, whereas men tend to lean more in their right brains.

So, do people think that a TV-glued, sex-driven man is more intuitive than the average woman? The answer is yes, because he senses a situation and takes action intuitively even if his responses may be very restricted. He avoids going through a long, verbal process in solving a problem and he simply reacts knowing that it is right for him to do so.

Intuition is the power of perceiving or understanding something immediately without reason or being taught is called intuition. Man responds immediately with sexual feeling to sex objects without the need for planning or long decision-making process. It is an immediate response to his feelings with his right brain working.

If you utter something that he doesn’t want to hear, he will not respond verbally, but intuitively, he goes to the TV to watch football. He has a powerful sense that your words are wrong for him, and his intuitive response is to stay away and divert his attention.

On the other hand, as a woman, you may have prepared long arguments in your head before you make a decision or take some action. This internal thinking and debates are left brain inclinations.

Men are not capable on the verbal side of their brains as you are. If you tell them “let’s talk,” you are asking them to engage in an activity in which they feel somewhat inferior to you. Therefore, men will choose to return to their preferred non-verbal spatial activities.

Now, let’s differentiate between the words intuition and creativity. People who are intuitive do not necessarily mean that they are creative. Creative people manage successfully in the intuitive right brain.

Significant factors about the left-right brain activity involve emotions which are usually attributed to the right brain. It is believed that the right brain activities are more desirable. But some recent research suggests that happy feelings reside in the left brain and unhappy feelings in the right brain because it keeps on working for something to achieve.

Since men seem to have more difficulty with feelings, it is often believed that men must not be in the right half of the brain.

If you are contesting this theory, let’s have a test now whether you are for the left or right brain tendencies. A simple question may give you a good clue. The question is, “assuming that you are compelled to be part of a conversation, do you usually spend more than an hour each week on personal phone calls?” If you do, you have left-brain tendencies, and if you don’t, you have right-brain tendencies.

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  1. I guess both elements are sparked off the right side but there is so much diversity in people highly sexually it’s a buildup of many elements and complexities in peoples individuals lives like I said people are very complex. But creativity women excel in I guess its intuitive frame of thinking

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