What Pushes Us to Cheat

It is very hard to find someone who has not cheated on a partner, sometime in his or her lives. We all have skeletons in our closet whether we like to admit it or not. One study put the risk for infidelity in a relationship at between 40 to 76 percent. That is a high percentage. Other researchers think it is in our genes. It does not matter whether you are male or female we all have the potential to cheat. So what pushes us to cheat? Could it be we are scared of intimacy? Are we unhappy with our current partners? Do we feel insecure? Well all of the above could be true. Everyone has his or her own reasons for cheating.

Yes, this is a visually driven society. Women and men both try to look good and be sexy to the opposite sex. Therefore, there will always be that good-looking person who is not your partner. I think it is human nature to be attracted to other people. It is what you do about those feelings that count. Cheating is not all about the sex. People cheat because they are not emotionally connected to their partners. They may be looking for that love and understanding from someone else. Infidelity is the number one reason for marriages and relationships ending. The problem is that the person cheated on feels hatred, resentment and revenge.

Another interesting factor people cheat is to control the relationship. When their partner does not hear them, they will cheat. If your partner feels hollow and not worthy, they will cheat. It could just be that there is too much fighting. We all have arguments but sometimes the fighting can take over your relationship. It can cloud everything else. If you start arguing over the smallest things, it could start a cycle of hatred from one or both partners making it easier to cheat. The partners will inevitably seek out other people that they feel understand them better and will not argue with them.

People tend to be stuck in relationships. They develop the same old patterns. The relationship gets boring and there is not excitement. It is important to keep your partner guessing and try new things. Having a regular date night is also very important to keep that bond between you. It is important that you and your partner are friends. However, there is a fine line between friends and lovers. The longer you are in a relationship the easier it is to fall into the friend pattern. You need to keep a balance between being friends and being lovers. You need to keep that sexual connection to avoid any neglectful feelings in your relationship.

Staying in a relationship takes hard work. It is a day-to-day issue. You have to make your partner feel special. You can never be sure that your partner will be faithful even if you are. However, if you follow these tips and advice you will be closer to that honest and open relationship and farther away from the temptation to cheat.

Question was asked by Richard (Canada), hope this answered your question.