What Makes A Better Pet: A Fish or A Ferret?

You want a pet but not something like a cat or dog. You want something more exotic. There are many choices but today we are going to look at the fish and the ferret.

A Fish

There are many types of exotic fish. Some are fresh water and some are salt water. Either way, you are going to need a tank big enough for your fish. A good pet store will no longer allow you to put a fish in a small bowl. I found it amazing how much water a single fish needs. And what if you get more than one? You also have to make sure you put the right type of rocks in the bottom. And then there are the plants that help to oxygenate the water. You have to make sure you get the right types for your fish. Of course there are also the chests and other things for the bottom of the fish tank. But remember, you will have to change the water on a regular basis so the more things that are in your tank, the more things you are going to have to remove. Then there is the food for your fish. Make sure you get the right type for your fish. The best way to get everything right is to go to a quality pet store like Petco or PetSmart. They can also help you to pick out your fish. Some fish do not get along well with others so you need to be careful. If you are only getting one, this will obviously not be a problem. Make sure you have everything you need for your fish before you leave the store. Also make sure you know how to care for your new pet. It would be a shame to spend all of that money only to have your fish die.

A Ferret

There are only two types of ferrets: male and female. Choose one. You will need a cage big enough for your ferret to sleep, eat, eliminate, and play. Ferrets like to sleep curled up inside something or in a sling (hammock). There is special ferret food but they will also need greens. And ferrets love to play. Make sure you buy toys made for ferrets. You will also be taking your ferret out to play with you. Make sure you learn how to handle your ferret safely. Ferrets have teeth and may bite you if you do not know how to handle it safely. Again, going to a good pet store like Petco or PetSmart is your best bet for learning about ferrets. Ferrets are social animals and often want a companion. That may be you or another ferret. Be careful if you get a male ferret and a female ferret – you will have little ones on the way. You could keep them in separate cages except for play time.

So both exotic fish and ferrets cost money and require a lot of care. It is your choice.

2 thoughts on “What Makes A Better Pet: A Fish or A Ferret?”

  1. Ferrets do NOT need greens… Ferrets are carnivores (meat eaters), and need either a variety of whole prey (complete with fur/feather and insides), or a good quality “ferret complete” dry food which is a lot easier and less messy. Their bodies can not process vegetables or fruit, and in some cases it can cause intestinal blockages as they have no way to break it down once inside their bodies.

    Male and female ferrets can live in perfect harmony, provided you get them neutered. Apart from the fact that having a ferret neutered greatly reduces their smell, and also makes them considerably less boisterous, it is also very important for the long term health of female ferrets (jills). Once a female ferret goes into heat, she does not come back out again unless she either mates, or has the jill jab. Being in prolonged heat, causes a whole host of medical issues and will ultimately result in her death.

    Therefore, provided you are responsible, and have done your homework, and get your ferrets neutered, there is no reason why Jills and Hobs can not live in perfect harmony.

    You also fail to mention that fish once purchased have no choice but to live their entire lives in the confines of their aquarium, requiring no exercise or human interaction other than regular feeding and occasional cleaning. Where as ferrets require a large amount of play time, interaction and space. They need their litter tray cleaning every day, and the whole cage cleaned once or twice a week.

    Ferrets can also be walked on leads, try that with your fish.

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