What Makes A Better House Plant: A Cactus Or A Jade?

You want something green in your house. What type of plant is best for you? Let us look at two.

A Cactus

This kind of plant needs little care. If you are not someone who wants to do a lot regarding your “green” thing, this may be the plant for you. If you are not good with a schedule, this is definitely the plant for you. If you forget to water a cactus, it will be fine, for a while. It does need water at least twice a month or it will die. Yes, cactuses do die. It does not need special food, something many house plants need. If you want a cactus with a little more “wow” get one that flowers. A cactus does not need a lot of sun nor does it mind if it is in the shade. A dark room would not be the best place for it though. It does need some light. A cactus does not do well in extreme temperatures, especially cold. But a temperate climate like that of your house should be just fine. Cactuses come in many varieties: small, large, smooth, prickly, non-flowering, flowering. Some people choose to have cactus gardens with several different types of cacti. The care is the same for all of them. A little water, a little light, and a little care.

A Jade

This kind of plant needs a lot more care. You need to be good with schedules. It will need water once a week, preferably on the same day each week. It will need plant food on a monthly basis, preferably at the same time each month. You feed the plant when you water it. So, basically, every four weeks you will be feeding and watering the jade. It will also need to be groomed. This means taking the dead leaves or stems off the plant. This is only done when such things exist. Your jade needs light. Not necessarily sun but a well-lit room during the day. If you buy a small jade, do not expect it to stay small. Jades can grow to be quite large so you will need to repot it from time to time to make sure the roots have enough room to grow. Do not be surprised if some of the roots come above the soil to form shoots. This is normal. You can also split your jade into different plants and pots but this will require more care on your part because now you will have more than one plant to care for each week. Of course, you could give the newly potted plants to friends as gifts. But make sure they are going to good homes and the new owner knows how to take care of the jade.

So, if you want something that will be green but cause little trouble on your part, go with the cactus. If you want to try out your green thumb and put some work into it, try a jade or another plant that requires more care.