What is the World’s longest name?

I have seen a lot of long names in my life. Specially at High School and University, being Canadian and living in Canada and being friends with people from many different backgrounds, I have heard a lot of long and hard to pronounce names, some being –

Vishu Rampathi Ravan Chaudy Singh – I used to call him Vishu

Sayed Jamullideeney Balkhi Afghani – some name my friend told me which is super long in Afghanistan

Dr. Rishi Varman Lakshmi Bihari – indian name

George G Pakett Olivier Blanche – some french name

But you would be amazed to know that the longest name is way longer than all these names I mentioned.

The longest name is exactly 28 words long and happens to be —-

Adolph Blaine Charles Daivid Earl Frederick Gerald Hubert Irvin John Kenneth Lloyd Martin Nero Oliver Paul Quiney Randolph Sherman Uncas William Xerxes Yancy Zeus Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorft Senior.

The person was from Germany.

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  1. Stumbler long time you made last post, good you posted a new twister. I have read about the name in world record book

  2. I love german names, they are all wolfengstein
    or wolfestien they all got this wolf in their name…

  3. his name reminds me of DNA and your other post on the topic of the longest english word, i think there are other long names but you have to find those people.

  4. I had a student from Jordan in my english class and he had pretty long name.

    Mohammaded Amid …..

    by the way not as long as this german.

  5. like someone else said, there are probably other long names around the world, papua new guinea is a good example, if you ever study anthropology you will find some long names within that place.

  6. Can someone shorten this name for me, and tell me how to pronounce the 2nd last word in this name, wolf something.

  7. this name is an absolut exeption in germany. although i have a cousin with 11 names, it is absolutely seldom, and only weird people name their children after their whole genealogy. and this wolf-name is not typical in germany. that would be schmidt, mueller or maier, with varying spelling.
    the name Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorft means wolf-hammer-rock-house-hill-village.
    and trust me, here we often laugh about names we hear or read from north america.

  8. Michael
    I totally agree with you, different cultures have different names and just like a name from germany look weird to amercians sometimes, same goes for germans sometimes american names can be weird and funny…

  9. German names seem complicated to people outside germany other than that i do not see any problem with names in germany, to us most american names sound funny

  10. Stumblerz mind you but this particular post of yours seems to be stretched and offbid, what makes you think Indian names are weird?

    no offense

  11. I am an active reader and I wanted to add my 2 cents here, indian names are long for foreigners but in india they are rather normal specially names from Tamil Nadu.

  12. Duh
    I will name my future kid as long as this name or even longer, I mean anyone can have long name, just go to court and change your name to something utterly stupid and long..

    not that i am saying its stupid name but what i mean is that its easy to get a name you want..

  13. I have seen this name in Discovery channel or somewhere, they had some other related names from Russia and other counteries around.

  14. Germans are smart and we have great names, american names are stupid and weird, please use appropriate language..

  15. I hate indian names dude they are long and really hard to pronounce, I love the way indiens pronounce the number 13…

    lawl @ them.

  16. Charlie Homers Versh Claire was my classmate and this is the longest name I have heard in my life. I prefer having short name easy to pronounce and easy to write.

  17. We think this name is long because we are people mostly from USA but in other counteries this name is normal. I am sure there are names in USA that are long particularly in places far away from town

  18. all the comments but nobody realized how all the commenter names are short very short like mine JUGO

  19. looking at how LONG is the word DNA, this word is nothig. I am a science student and i hear all sort of long words everyday that i am now used to long names i plan to name my future kid name as long as DNA if not shorter..

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