What is the origin of the Engagement Ring?

Everybody knows what an engagement is, if you didn’t here is a little bit of info for you. An engagement is a promise to marriage, it is a lead up to the marriage of a promising couple. This happens after the proposal and is also used as preparation time for a marriage. It only happens when the marriage could possibly be very big.  Now back to the origins of the engagement ring, which is the feature of this article.

The engagement ring was first introduced by the Venetians, it was a ring with the diamond in the middle of it, it was highly valued because the Venetians had just discovered the rare item that is the Diamond stone. It’s rareness was discovered in the 16th century. Marriage related gifts didn’t include rings until 800 BC, when Pope Nicholas 1 stated that the ring must only been given from a man to woman when marriage was the intent. He had also thought about the possible roadblocks that could come before the marriage. If the man called the wedding off, the jilted bride would keep the diamond ring but if the bride called it off, she would return the ring and be ordered to live in a nunnery.