What is the difference between AM and FM

I like FM more than AM, but FM sucks, what you mean FM sucks, AM sucks. A typical whine between two individuals, but what is the difference between AM and FM first of all? Its something to think about, why we have AM and FM, I think curious minds will ponder on the topic because curiosity is, in great and generous minds the first passion and the last as said by Johnson.
This post will try to answer the question what is the difference between AM and FM.

But first of all you must know the meaning of the word AM and FM.

AM stands for “amplitude modulation”
FM stands for “frequency modulation”

Once you know what each word stand for it is not hard to make a distinction, the full form itself gives a hint that the difference is somewhere in the modulation one is frequency and another is amplitude. FM waves are different from one another based on the frequency. AM waves on the other hand fluctuate based on amplitude which refers to a specific strenght of the signal. Further a good thing to know is that radio waves experience changes in amplitude as they travel. It is important to know it because if the amplitude doesn’t reach a receiver then it will be static. AM waves depend on specific amplitude waves to get signal and they are not reliable. It is just like TCP and UDP if you know a little about TCP/IP protocol then you know that TCP connection is reliable compared to UDP. Back to AM and FM, AM came before FM as you may have already guessed, and it was invented by Reginald Fessenden, and the first broadcast over the AM was that of Bible “O Holy Night”. AM was most popular until 1920-50 before FM came out. Thing to note is that AM signals get disrupted by tall buildings which is not the case with FM, and if you look at it today we have more tall buildings than ever.

FM on the other hand is a moden way of broadcasting over Radio, it is sad to know that the inventor of FM Edwin Armstrong didn’t live to see his invention, because he committed a suicide as at first his invention wasn’t working until many years after when it came to use.

By the way, although Armstrong didn’t live to see his invention in every corner, his wife did live and did become rich from his invention, as the saying goes, no invention is a bad invention no invention is a good invention.