What is the Caveman diet?

In recent years with the rise of the conscience of health among our civilization new diets have constantly appeared in popular media and the scientific community. Many have omce and gone like the wind, but some which have lasted have proved that they are proven and effectual.  Among those few is the caveman diet, also known as “The Paleo Diet” it has been tested time and time again by health researches and diet organizations but has been proven to be a all around healthy diet. Here are a few facts about this diet.

The Gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin was the first to suggest that a caveman like diet would be beneficial for humans in the modern era. The paleo diet was based on what our ancesters ate during the Palaeolithic era in which they ate only raw meat and wild plants. He also noticed our modern diets had created many digestive problems which were previously never present. He concluded this had occurred due to the prominence of agriculture which had largely altered our diet. In the following years since 1975, many other researchers and health practitioners came out to advocate for this diet. Many other links were found between the declines of the paleo diet, the rise of a more agriculture based foods and rise of more serious diseases. Before that the majority of diseases were contracted from something extern but after agriculture it was more intern. It was what we ate, since humans were used to meat, wild plants and not wheat & corn. This was a major problem for our digestive systems which were used to the other stuff, now we started eating things that we were never meant. This created many new diseases and changed our whole lifestyle. Since then the paleo diet has returned but not in a grand fashion, medical surveys have shown that it’s one the least practiced diets in the world. There might be one simple reason for this. Many diets are made for a certain illness such as low carb for obesity and ketogenic for epilepsy; hence they are always going to be more practiced since ill people have more reason to change their diets than regular people, which the caveman diet would significantly help. The caveman diet is simple. It consists of these things of fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi and many more. Just think of anything you can hunt or gather by yourself that is edible that should be pretty much “paleo”