What is Our Obsession with Movie Stars?

Well let us face it we live in a media centered world. People around the world are hooked on celebrity news and of course the juicy gossip! This is not a new phenomenon. The first celebrities were Gods of Greek and Roman Pantheons. During the Renaissance, artists took center stage. Our interest in the stars of Hollywood goes back to the early years around 1911. By the 40’s and 50’s magazine sales took off.  It is all about Hollywood and its stars! The inception of the internet we could find out all about stars and their lives. Then came reality television in the 90’s, which could make anyone a star. Why are we so up close and personal with people we have never even met! The paparazzi play an important role and have no shortage of footage. They are just people like us, or are they? There are three reasons for our obsessions:

1.Identity- This is where a person identifies with the star. They wish they could be that person.

2.Diversion- It gives depressed people something else to focus on, is pleasing, and gives them a lift.

3.Esteem Build up- It makes us feel better about our lives when we read the latest horrible news about the stars.

If you listen to the experts are lives are boring and mundane. Why wouldn’t we want to fantasize about living the life of our favorite stars? It all boils down to wanting something we cannot have but enjoying the fact that we can still be a part of it. We all want to imagine the cars, the houses, the riches. We all want to be rich and of course beautiful handsome and thin. We love looking at the stars and their clothes and makeup and latest fashion trends. They pull us into love, hate, relationships and gossip of course. It is a fact that Hollywood stars make millions from their fans so they love to see them. The tabloids, television and papers churn out false gossip about the stars everyday and people rush for the newsstands. Our obsession with Hollywood is not slowing down any time soon. As long as there are stars, there will be people who love them, hate them or want to be them!

It seems a certain actor and woman by a certain actor enthrall men. For instance, my husband thinks Angelina Jolie is gorgeous. I think he is blind but that is another issue. The more movies and paraphernalia that comes out the more people will buy it just to see those beloved stars. Can this turn into an obsession? Well for some it has. That is why there are star stalkers out there. However, for most people it is just harmless curiosity and fantasy. It is just a harmless diversion from our own lives, jobs, families and everyday responsibilities. We all wish we had the kind of wealth, beauty and intrigue that the stars have. However, since that will probably never happen we continue to be obsessed with movie stars.

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  1. I think most common trait of primates is wanting to follow someone . That’s why people other than stars are popular.

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