What Is A Sinus Headache?

A disease it is or maybe some kind of virus? It is more like a infection than a disease but still something bad for your body. Sinus Headaches are something very painful to have; they not only hurt your entire head but sometimes even below the head. The pain is dull and is felt throughout your head, in your cheeks, eyes and some other parts. What it is, it occurs when inflammation occurs in your air filled cavities around your eyes, noses and cheeks. Sinus headaches hurt you when you bend over, it will make you feel wake that is one of the obvious symptoms. The other symptoms are similar to migraines so it’s hard to identify a sinus headache. Also they start in the morning when you wake up and normally get better in the afternoon, but sometimes they just get worse.

Some Signs of Sinus Headaches:

-Pain in some specific areas like in some of your head parts.
-Face gets tender to touch.
-Headaches just start after you get a cold or some sort of related infection.
-Sudden temperature changes, example: your body feels oddly cold or you get feverish warmth.


Sinus headaches are often preceded by Sinusitis (congestion and inflammation). Healthy sinuses allow mucus to drain and circulate easily in your nasal corridors. When your sinus is infected by Sinusitis, your sinus is inflamed, some areas get blocked thus making it that your sinus can’t drain mucus properly. They provide a perfect situation and place for fungus & bacteria to become stronger.
Risky Factors may include history of allergies, frequent swimming and diving, climbing & hiking.

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