What do the coloured flags mean in racing?

The colored flags in racing have a certain meaning. We always see in races, someone waving a flag that has multiple colors. There are about 7 flags, they each have a meaning. So while driving, the racer needs to remember what all these flags mean and when he sees one he needs to react to it. The first three flags have a pretty straightforward meaning that anyone with knowledge of driving rules would know. Green flag means the start of the race, Red Flag means stop for an emergency, Yellow Flag means don’t pass. Now the tougher flags, the white flag means the leaders are starting their final lap, the black flag means there was a rules infraction, a blue flag with a sideways stripe demands the racers to slow down and the last flag is the checkered one which means the race is done.

Did you know NASCAR is the only sport organization founded and owned by a family. Also some of the NASCAR tracks can hold up to 190,000 people in the US, bigger than any none motor sports arena.