What are the most Poisonous Animals?

The question of the most poisonous animal in the world is not always easy to answer, as there are different classifications. For example what animal kills the most people per year, or what animal has a higher toxic level in their poison compared to others. In most cases a poisonous animal uses the toxins in their bodies for defense and are normally passive, compared to a venomous animal that are active killers and deliver their toxins by biting, stinging or stabbing. Depending on where you are going for your next trip have an idea what you could be facing as it could save your life! Here are three of the most dangerous creatures known to man!


Number one goes to this killer creature called the Box Jellyfish as it’s been recognized as “The Worlds Most Venomous Animal” with a record of 5,567 reported deaths since 1954. With a venom that is classed as the most deadly in the world, its toxins attack the nervous system the heart and even the cells of its victims. The venom is so strong and so painful that many of its human victims succumb to its sting by going into shock, heart failure or drowning before they have a chance to reach shore and even if you survive, be prepared for a few weeks of intense pain.
If stung, your only chance of survival is immediate medical attention, but vinegar if applied quickly for 30 seconds, because of its acetic acid, can somewhat help neutralize the killers venomous nematocysts before it get into the bloodstream. Found in the waters around Australia and Asia, some swimmers find wearing woman’s pantyhose while swimming can reduce to risk of exposure to your legs. Although it may look funny, it very well may save your life!


The world’s longest venomous snake, hands down is the King Cobra (Ophiophagus Hannah). Indigenous to high dense forest this snake ranges throughout South and South East Asia and can grow 18.5 ft (5.6 m) in length. A snake that can kill a human with a single bite, this King of snakes has also been recorded of killing a full grown Asian elephant within three hours of a lethal bite on the trunk of this huge animal. Known as the Snake Eater because it actually preys on other snakes, this snake can inject 5 times the venom, which can result in 5 times the mortality rate compared to the Black Mamba, even though the Mamba’s venom is actually more potent.


Looking at this pretty snail one would never know that it is one the most deadly creatures on this planet. If you took one drop of this little creature’s venom it could easily kill 20 human beings. Fortunately it is not aggressive and the 30 deaths attributed to its contact have been passive in the sense that swimmers themselves picked up this killer. Once contact was made intense pain can be followed by muscular problems as well as swelling, vision changes and even breathing failure. Notably found in warm Eastern Waters always be careful what kind of snail you pick up.

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