What’s next in the ad world?

With the ad space being saturated at a fast pace, companies are running out of space to promote their products and services. You only need to move your head around a bit and from your sitting spot you are likely to see at least five brand names in big, bold print, vying to catch your eye and your attention. For instance, as I type, I can see my HP laptop, my Samsung touch phone, my Logitech speakers, my Woodland shoes, a bottle of Kinley packaged drinking water and … well several other names… but you get my point. However, it is likely that unless you are looking consciously, your mind won’t register these names even though they are very much visible.

To deal with the increasingly crammed space in the ad world and get themselves in the head of the consumer, marketers are now making use of innovative techniques to get attention. A lot of creativity combined with the choice of a proper communication channel is the need of the day. No wonder our very favourite social networks like Facebook and Twitter have joined in as advertising mediums to reach the consumers. Almost any other web site you visit is likely to have an ad somewhere on the page. Most of the times they’ll just pop out on your screen and you’ll keep struggling to close the popped up windows to be able to read the actual content. Of course, we have our beloved pop-up blockers to stop those irrelevant ads from striking in our faces. But then sometimes I have to deal with pop up ads of pop up blockers as well. Well that’s somewhat funny. Anyhow, it is only a matter of time before the mind stops registering inputs from the sources of Internet as well. So what option is left unexplored?

Perhaps, companies would start getting personal. No, not like getting down then catching our collars and forcing the product on us, but getting personal in a different way. Possibly the next generation of kids in my family would be ‘co-sponsored by Pepsi’ and tattooed with the Pepsi logo to distinguish them from other Nike or Nokia kids. Just imagine what if this truly happened. You’d be able to see a herd of McDonalds and IBMs crossing the streets or an array of Googles, Disneys and Visas cheering in a football stadium. I know it is nasty to think of but it would definitely be effective. At least you won’t just see the brand; you would also register it, go over and develop an affinity for the brand (or socialize with the person in other words). A kinship would soon follow and culminate in friendships, marriages and other such associations and Cisco would get an alternate, literal definition when they say ‘Welcome to the Human Network’. Well, we only have to wait and watch what comes next from advertisers and how effective it proves to be.