What’s inside Pandora’s Box

What’s inside Pandora’s Box?

Where you asked or have you been asked this question before?  Who is Pandora and what is her relationship with a box?  And what is the reason that she and her box is famous for?  And why is everyone so eager to know what’s really inside the box?

In trying to answer right away, let me present to you Pandora’s identity.  Pandora is a Greek mythology character.  She was considered as the first woman in Greek mythology.  According to the story, the world then was inhabited by men only.  Prometheus was the one responsible for doing these.  Prometheus was more of the “go” man for the humans that he even tricked the chief God Zeus one time enough reason for Zeus to take away fire from man.  Seeing this, Prometheus went to his neighboring god, Hephaestus whom had a fire on his own and immediately came back to show Zeus his newly acquired torch.  Zeus then was mad and planned for revenge.

Zeus summoned Hephaestus to make a woman made of clay and the latter did his best to perfect what the chief made him to do.  The woman clay was so perfect that Zeus’ daughter Athene breathed and gave life to the clay.  She likewise taught the woman to how to weave and clothed her at the same time.  Other gods were so pleased that the goddess of love, Aphrodite gave her beauty and the gift of charm was the one given to her by the goddess Hermes.  Zeus named this beautiful clay woman, Pandora.

Zeus’ revenge went on as planned as he sent and gave Pandora to Prometheus’ brother Epimeteus as a gift despite the latter’s warning not to accept gifts given particularly by Zeus.  Ignoring the warning, Epimeteus and Pandora fell in love with each other and finally got married.  Zeus gave Pandora a wedding gift, a box.  Zeus further tells the condition that Pandora must not open the box.  And as we all know, Pandora, one night when everyone was sleeping, sneaked in and opened the box.  The contents of the box were not enough to fit their room, story has it that it scattered and roamed the earth.  Pandora’s box released evil and terrible things such as war, grief, hunger, disease, greed, malice and other evil stuffs.

In modern times, opening Pandora’s box would simply mean to unravel a secret that is evil in nature.  It (the box/secret) is meant not to be opened or disclosed for it would surely bring terrible or bad things to everyone involved.  It is much safer if these kinds of boxes are kept closed.