Weirdest Rituals From Around The World

We’ve all been part of some ritual or ceremony once in our life. Isn’t it weird that we still do these symbolic things that have no actual meaning behind them. Such as swearing to tell the truth in court when in fact most people lie anyway or when someone is enlisted in the army they get their head shaved because of the unity intended by that act. None of these rituals/ceremonies have real effects but are kept because of decades of tradition. Some have gone out of existence due to their extremeness, the obvious one would be human sacrifice. Here are a few of those weird ones.

Burping is for classy people

While the above might not be true in most places but it is in Egypt. Burping in Egypt is considered an act of politeness. When eating at someone’s house you can burp to show pleasure at their cooking skills. It’s a shame that burping is not accepted elsewhere.

Rest in Pieces

In some cultures cannibalism has been a prominent feature of their history. Papa New Guinea is such a culture. Many other exotic and dangerous traditions are part of this country. One version of cannibalism was when someone died it was required that their family and close ones eat the remains of the deceased .This was done so the person would live on with them or that burying someone took too much time.

Bloody Mary

In the Christian belief, people drink wine but it’s basically considered the blood of christ. Some cultures go a little farther by actually drinking real blood. Thankfully not a human’s since that can lead to diseases and infection. In Kenya, a local tribe, as a religious ceremony drink the milk of a cow and… it’s milk.