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This christmas you might want to surprise your little nephew or brother with one of these crazy toys. Infact they are so unique you will surely buy atleast one of them.

The Tamahonam: Sold in Hong Kong, this toy is the same as a tamagotchi toy but with a mob attitude. Instead of it being a baby crying and asking for attention, it will ask you for cigarettes and beer.
Instead of playing games with them, you give him a knife to wage a turf war with other gangs. This virtual pet must be a hit with the mafia.

This one might a bit to extreme for your little who likes barbie doll but would still a great add-on to her doll collection.
The Feral Cheryl, unlike her counterpart Barbie, she has unshaved legs, dreadlocks and tattoo’s, pubic hair and pierced nipples. Who came u[ with such a foul idea? Our friend the Aussies.

This next toy might be perfect for an emo reunion party?!!? waht?
The Brian Jones Pool Toy. Brian Jones, a former Rolling Stones member, who has passed away. The toy is a life sized Brian Jones, that floats face down in your pool.
Now everyone can see how Brian Jones drowned in the comfort of their homes.

Letter Bomb, this toy sold in Philippines, urges kids to have fun and become terrorists…How the game works is that each player gets an enveloppe and they write their victimes name on it.
Then the fun part begins, they give the letter to the victim and it explodes. Reminder: Next time I go to the Philippines buy one of these.

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