Weird National Pastime

At first I thought it would be a good idea to write a post about 5 weirdest pastimes, but while doing my research I found something even funnier to write about. I found out that Yemen has National Pastime which I reckon is rather interesting.

You wouldn’t believe but the National pastime of Yemen is chewing great wads of qat and discuss random events. Qat is basically a tropical evergreen plant whose leaves are used as a stimulant. Further, Yemen agriculture has been in a downfall for this one reason people give up on other plants for this stimulant drug. I wonder what would happen to Yemen if they get a taste of Marijuana or some other HIGH END STUFF.

I would certainly try it once if I ever go to Yemen. It is always great to experience new stuff and try different things. I will have to watch out not to become dependant though.

By the way, for me it is weird pastime because it is actually a NATIONAL pastime and not something that just few Yemeni’s do but almost all of the population.