Weird Gimmicky Resto’s

The RoadKill Cafe, Greenville, Maine

Gimmick: Animals Squashed on the highway

The menu is hilarious and kind of gruesome. Some of the main features are, “the chicken that didn’t make it across the road” , “bye bye Bambi burgers” and a few other ones. What makes it even more special is that the crew/staff, act like if it were real. I.e: there is a chef named Freddy who when making food shoots ” down boy, down boy as he cooks his chicken. He then follows by throwing out feathers out in public.

The Outhouse, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Gimmick: Umm..Bathrooms

What’s cool about this and sort of disgusting is that the entire Restaurant is made like a big toilet. The tables are toilet bowls and the place’s logo is a Toilet Bowl too. In 1970 it was closed by the national health officials because the actual bathrooms weren’t functioning properly.

Alacatraz BC, Tokyo

Gimmick: Maximum-Security Prison

This one might sound a bit extreme but I’d like to give it a go. The diners are handcuffed and eat in cell. And must beg permission to go to the washroom. Don’t drop the soap in the washroom.

This isn’t all, there are many goofy weird places like this around the world. I will do my best to bring you more of these funhouses.