Weird Facts about Rock Bands

Everybody has at least one rock band they love to listen to. For each person this can be different. It’s always fun to know a weird fact about famous band and tell our friends. Here are facts that very little known about some of the world’s biggest bands ever.

The Rolling Stones’s bassist, Bill Wyman once had a public relationship with a thirteen year old girl. After she became of the legal age of consent, they got married. The marriage only lasted a year, which is not bad for a rockstar at the prime of his career. Things got weird from here. Bill’s thirteen year old son, Stephen married Mandy’s mother. Mandy was the thirteen year old Bill had initial married. That made Stephen, step father of his former step mother. Had Bill and Mandy stayed together, Stephen would have been his own grand father and his father’s father in law.

The British band Duran Duran, got their name from a Jane Fonda movie named Barbarella.

Aerosmith’s hit song “Dude Looks Like A Lady” was about Motley Crue’s Vince Neil, getting a song written about you is honoring but not in this case.

Rock Band names have gotten out of control with names like Dying Fetus but my personal favorite is Pussy Riot.