VLC Media the Top Video Player?

Video players are one of the most common software in the world of computers but there are so many of them and very few which are actually decent and reliable. VLC is been considered for sometime the best player out there. Is that claim true or just hyperbole? Let’s find out.

VLC originally started as a school project by students at Ecole Centrale Paris in France. The project started out pretty barebones but the students approach to create an open environment for fast customizations and add ons by anyone in the net, made the program expand rapidly. When the program started gaining momentum and gaining support, the creators decided to make it a freeware. Since 1996, the program has achieved a billion downloads as of the last download check in 2011. The interface of VLC is very modular and standard; it has the top bars and the bottom video modifications buttons. The options for customization and optimization go really deep in VLC, though many people are just happy with its array of codecs which allow it to play pretty much any video you have. Also unlike Windows Media Player, VLC has a very light usage of cpu even when playing massive files and this largely increases it’s stability. The program being written in C makes it also very fast due the lower level language. Programs written in lower languages such as c, c++ are a lot faster than programs written in higher up languages such as c# etc… VLC also runs in every possible os with the same speed and reliability. It’s also available on android phones. With all these features and abilities, VLC is one of the top video players out there.