Vegetable History

Here are a few tales of some vegetables from back in the antiquity. Some are funny and some are just outrageous. Believe it or not, but they make for fun trivia.


Corn: It is concerned by nutritionists as one of the best veggie ever. It can be eaten in any time of it’s growth, more than 3000 items in your local grocery will contain this veggie. According to a book about food facts, The Great Food Almana,” the average American eats 3 pounds of corn each day, not only corn as it self but in other products such as meat, diary products etc..”


Garlic: It is thought to be one of the oldest food to be cultivated. It was first referenced 5000 years ago in Sanskrit(old Indian writing). In ancient Greece, at celebrations, the Greeks consumed so much garlic that each person got a bowl of parsley hoping it would mask the garlic breath.


Lettuce: In Latin named lactuca (means milk) because often when you break the stalks a white substance looking like milk comes out. Romans thought of it so highly, if a slave was caught eating one he would get 30 whips.


Leeks: The leek was somewhat considered a royal food in Rome. Since their emperor, Nero drank a quarter of leek soup each day. He believed it would enhance his singing voice. The Romans introduced it to other lands, but something special happened in Wales. It became it’s national symbol because while the war against the Saxons they had no way to identify each other so they placed a leek on their helmets.  March 1, St David’s Day, the Welsh pin a leek on their hats to remember their efforts and glory.

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