Useful tips to get instant relief from neck and shoulder pain

Working on the computer for long hours staying at a same position, or chatting on the mobile phone with the handset cradled between the ear and the shoulder have been the norm for most of us in this modern day fast-paced world. This is the primary cause for the frequent occurrence of problems such as neck and shoulder pains. Works that give strain to the neck and shoulder such as knitting or woodworking also cause severe pain in the neck and shoulder. Medicines such as aspirin or ibuprofen might be the answer for these problems. However, there are other simple things one can do to get instant relief from neck and shoulder pain without relying much on medications.

To get instant relief from pain, applying mild heat at the affected spot would be an ideal solution. It is advisable that you use a heating pad, set on low, at the affected part for a few minutes to get instant relief by relaxing the muscles in that region and also reducing the stiffness in the joints in that area. Even a hot-water bottle or a heat pack can do the trick if you do not have a heating pad.

One simple thing that can give instant relief is a shower or a hot-water bath. However, it may not be feasible to have frequent bath in a day. In such cases, it is advisable to apply moist heat in the affected portion of the neck. Basically, neck pain occurs due to muscular tension in the region resulting in a stiff or a sore neck. One can try out this simple technique to get instant relief where a hot water bath is not feasible. Make a neck compress by soaking a tower in hot water. The soaked towel should be wringed out well. After wringing out the water in the towel, unfold the same and place it across the affected portion around the neck. Cover the soaked towel on the neck with a dry towel and leave it for 10 minutes. If you have a hair dryer at home, set the dryer at warm and blow the air at the affected portion of the neck for a few minutes to get instant relief from the troubling neck pain.

One more option available to get instant relief from the neck and shoulder pain is to apply some mild pressure on the affected area. One can try to apply some gentle massage on the affected area. If you are suffering from a stiff neck or neck pain, place the fingers of your left hand on the right side of your neck just below your ear, and stroke the muscles in a downward motion towards your collarbone for three times. Do the same thing on the other side –the left side of the neck with the right hand fingers – fro three times. Repeat the same exercise for a few times and you can feel the difference of instant relief from such an exercise and get relief from the neck pain.

It is advisable to prevent the recurrence of such neck and shoulder pains by following some simple methods. If you are accustomed to chatting long hours over the mobile phone, instead of cradling your handset between the ear and the shoulder, you can consider using a headset or a speakerphone to make it simpler. While working on a computer or any other table work, or even while sitting or standing, try to maintain a posture wherein the ears, shoulders and the hips are in a straight line such that there is even blood flow across the nerves and tissues.