Useful tips to avoid forgetfulness or memory problems

One of the most common things most of us encounter in our daily life is forgetfulness or problems related to memory. We will be doing something and suddenly we may get a doubt whether we took the daily dosage of vitamin tablet in the morning or not? Or, worse, we may get a doubt whether we locked the house or switched off the television before coming out for work or for shopping. Sometimes, we fail to recollect the last movie we saw or the name of the book we last read? Is it a problem serious enough? No. But the anxiety that causes when you fail to recollect things is sure to upset your mood and frustrate you. There are a number of medications available with or without prescription to enhance the memory or overcome this forgetfulness. There are some natural ways as well to have a good memory and avoid the menace of forgetfulness. Let us concentrate on the latter part more instead of relying on visits to the doctor or medications.

It has been found that inadequate flow of blood to the brain might be one of the reasons for forgetfulness. Steady flow of blood to the brain would be the best possible thing to avoid problems related to memory. One of the ways to increase the flow of blood to the brains is to indulge in some sort of exercise, which, in turn, will increase the number of nerve cells in the brain. You need not exert yourself with some fast aerobic exercises – just exercises such as walking or cycling would be sufficient. However, please ensure that you do it on a regular basis, which will ensure that there is a steady flow of blood to the brain. Not only will your problem of forgetfulness will be resolved, regular exercise would keep your body healthy and fit and prevent illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure or stroke, which also might lead to occasional forgetfulness.

Medical research found that drop in glucose levels in the blood is one of the reasons for loss of memory. It is the glucose or blood sugar in the body that powers the organs including the brain, and any problems in processing food to glucose in the digestive system might lead to forgetfulness. It is essential to maintain the blood sugar levels in the body at optimum level to avoid memory problems. While regular exercises can ensure that blood sugar levels are maintained, one should take regular, good-sized meals containing more of whole grains and vegetables. Good fats found in nuts, seeds, vegetable oils and fish should find a regular place in your meals, which play an important role in maintaining your blood sugar levels.

One very nice and pleasurable way to improve your memory is to listen to various types of music whenever you find time. It has been found and proved that listening to music can improve a person’s ability to concentrate and helps in remembering things. Further, it has been found that some types of music actually causes the neurons in the brain to respond more quickly. Listen to the music to enhance the memory.

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  1. I personally go for staying organized at all times. it helps me remember things when they are always at the exact same place. Maybe that’s relying to my reflexes or whatever, but hey, it works!

    great article you have here. :)

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