Useful suggestions to overcome the problem of dry skin

One of the common problems most of us need to face and overcome is that related to dry skin due to lack of moisture.

What causes dry skin?

The dry air conditions, both in and out of the house, especially in winter season, might be one of the reasons for the skin to get dry. The external weather condition is not the only reason for skin dryness. If you shower more than is normally warranted and/or use skin-drying soap, then there is every possibility that your skin gets drier.

In normal conditions, our skin does not become dry because the required oil for maintaining the skin is produced by the outer layer of the skin through the oil glands in the form of sebum. If the demand for oil to maintain the skin exceeds the internal oil production, then the paucity of the oil leads to the problem of dry skin.

This is the reason why moisturizers are preferred for keeping the skin supple and soft. Many people are of the notion that these additional moisturizers add extra moisture to the skin to keep it soft. However, it is not the case in many cases. What these moisturizers actually do is they lock the moisture already present in the body to retain the softness or suppleness.

One can also try out some simple remedies at home to overcome the problem of dry skin and make your skin look pretty, soft and supple.

The absence of moisture in the outer skin is the reason for skin dryness. You can consider giving your skin a milk bath. Milk contains the lactic acid, which exfoliates the dead cells of the skin and also helps in increasing the ability of the skin to hold in moist conditions. While giving your skin a milk bath, please ensure that you rinse off the milk gently such that some of the lactic acid stays on in the skin.

In order to maintain the moisture in the skin and not allow it to dry, it is essential that you drink at least eight glasses of water every day, wherein each glass contains 250 ml of water. You can also replace water with either herbal tea or juices, duly ensuring that alcohol or caffeine are included. Stay away from alcohol.

You can also consider taking foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, because these fatty acids help in keeping the membranes in skin-cells healthier. Consuming fatty acids in other forms such as walnuts, flaxseeds and avocados also help you keep the skin soft and supple.

Including good amount of vitamins and minerals in your food intake also ensures that your skin stays soft and smooth. It has been found that vitamin B and vitamin C are very effective in maintaining the skin in a healthy manner. You can also consider consuming a multi-vitamin tablet, available in pharmacies, that will not only help you stay fit and healthy, but also keep your skin smooth and soft and does not allow it to dry.