Useful suggestions to fight dandruff or flakes

One of the most common irritants that make one feel embarrassed, especially if found himself at a party or a gathering, is Dandruff. However, it is not a cause for concern because you are not alone in this group. It has been found that people having this irritant – dandruff – are more than the people not having this irritant.

What is dandruff – in the first instance?

Dandruff is nothing but a condition or state in which excess skin falls off from the scalp in the form of flakes. These skin cells in the scalp, similar to other cells in other parts of the region, are continually shed from the head in small quantities unaware to the naked eye. If there exists in the imbalance in the process of skin removal or else the rhythm of renewing the skin with new cells is upset in some way or other, then more number of skin cells are produced in a relatively shorter period of time, resulting in what is called in medical parlance is hyperkeratosis. These excess cells settle down as flakes in between the hair in the scalp and the result is what we call as dandruff.

What causes the imbalance resulting in formation of these flakes in the scalp?

While research is going on about the exact reason for the formation of these flakes, it is widely accepted and believed that frequent change in shampoos, sometimes even hard shampoos, excessive perspiration, allergies related to food, increased activity in oil glands, and stress are some of the reasons for the flakes or dandruff. It is also believed that too much oiliness of the scalp and the skin might also cause dandruff.

This dandruff is an irritant in that the flakes might settle on the shoulders or face, especially eyebrows, making you, at times, cut a sorry figure in the crowd, and force you to frequently clear the flake from the shoulder or the face. Due to fear of the flakes, many people avoid dark-colored shirt or coat to escape from the flakes.

Dandruff is categorized into two categories – dry dandruff and waxy dandruff. Dry dandruff is what we otherwise call as flakes, that gets settled in between the hair and are scattered all over the scalp in between the hair. Waxy dandruff, on the other hand, settles in a particular place and end up as a slice of lake, bigger in size than the one caused by dry dandruff.

While there is no direct explainable relationship between nutrition and dandruff, it has been found that improper nutrition and unbalanced diet could cause dandruff. A proper diet is very essential for maintaining appropriate hormonal balance in the body and this balance will ensure that excess oil is not accumulated in the body or scalp, thus causing irritants like dandruff.

Nutrition specialists suggest that required intake of vitamin b6, which is found in adequate quantities in cabbage as well as eggs, can be effective in controlling dandruff.

If you happen to suffer from dandruff, you can try consuming more amount of water all through the day, that will play a vital role in increasing hydration. One can also try menthol, which will help in reducing irritation caused in the scalp due to dandruff.