Unsual Lawsuits

The Plaintiff: A Chinese restaurant in Stansted, England

The Defendant: Kevin Clifford, a customer

The Lawsuit: Kevin Clifford entered the Chinese food restaurant and ordered a large meal. He was so hungry he couldn’t wait. The smell was making him go even more crazier, a few moments later he lost control and started eating leaves of the plants on the tables. Before his ordered meal arrived he had time to eat all the leaves of every pot.

The Verdict: I believe waiting for the meal would have been more profitable for Kevin, the lawsuit went on to cost him 700$.

The Plaintiff: Donald Dusky

The Defendant: God, the almighty ruler of the monotheistic religions.

The Lawsuit: In 1999, Dusky was fired from his job and he blamed this God. He said after losing his job god didn’t take “corrective actions”. He asked to be granted guitar playing skills , resurrection of his dead pigeon or his mother

The Verdict: Since God decided not to show up, Dusky claimed himself the winner… Aside from the stories of a burning place with mercy called hell, God is a nice guy eh..

The Plaintiff: Nellie Mitchell, a 98 woman from Arkansas

The Defendant: Globe International, The Sun, newspaper/tabloid.

The Lawsuit: The sun featured a story about some old lady and they inserted the picture of Nellie on the paper. Nellie charged for invasion of privacy.

The Verdict: The jury awarded her 1.5millioon U.S but later reduced to 850,000$. Not bad, old Nellie, not bad at all…

Many more stories like this.. I might post some at another time.