Unknown Facts about Important People

It’s always surprising and delightful to learn little known facts about certain historical and worldwide recognized people. These are not always true and sometimes come from rumors that are too good to be ignored. Here a few unknown facts about famous people from around the world

One of the greatest movie directors of all time, Alfred Hitchcock had a weird habit. When he was in a public bathroom and another person would enter he would raise his legs in the stall so nobody could know he was there. The reason behind this attitude is unknown.

Michael Jackson had always been a controversial figure even since his Jackson 5 days. This fact has nothing to do with his personal life but his opinion on other musicians and entertainers. He said about Frank Sinatra that he is a legend but not a good singer, this definitely got Mister Jackson some flack from the majority of people…He also had criticism for his contemporaries such as Madonna, saying that she isn’t a good singer or dancer but can market herself well. Michael Jackson’s opinion might not be as appreciated as his music.

The physicist Albert Einstein was known to be the opposite of a stereotypical genius. He was known to sleep a lot. One of his former maid said that’s what he did the most during his day. Albert had also failed his entrance exam for college and when his father asked the headmaster what he should try for, the headmaster said that it won’t matter because Albert won’t amount to anything in life. Well…not exactly how it turned out.