Ulcers – cause, remedy and diet

Does any one of you experience indigestion, heartburn and/or severe pain, especially in the stomach area, two or three hours after taking food? Or does any one of you experience severe pain when you do not take food at regular intervals?

If the answer is in the affirmative, then there is every possibility that you might be suffering from Ulcer – one of the most common disorders many people suffer from, due to irregular food habits and/or other reasons.

What is ulcer? Ulcer is type of disease in which the sores erode either the skin or the mucous membrane and penetrate through the muscles that lie beneath the skin or the mucous membrane. The common types of ulcer that most people suffer with are peptic ulcer and gastric ulcer.

Peptic ulcer is caused in the lower part of the esophagus, the stomach or the duodenum, because these are the areas that are exposed to stomach acids and also pepsin, the enzyme used in digestion. Erosion caused in the mucous membrane of stomach is referred to as gastric ulcer. When the duodenum or upper part of the small intestine is exposed for erosion, then one might suffer from duodenal ulcer.

What causes Ulcer – in the first instance?

There exists a notion that over-secretion of the stomach acids is the primary reason for erosion and the resultant ulcer. But, it has been found that the primary reason for ulcer is the existence of Helicobacter pylori, or H pylori, – a common bacterium, which infects the intestines.

Other causes for ulcer might be excessive smoking and/or heavy drinking of alcohol. Excessive consumption of some of the drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen are also found to be causes for this disease.

What can be done to treat ulcers?

If you were one of those patients suffering from ulcers, then the first thing you should do is to cut down drastically on the number of cigarettes you smoke, and try to avoid it completely as early as possible. So is the case with the case of alcohol consumption. The quicker you get away from these ill-habits, the quicker you can get permanent relief from this pain and agony.

One quick way to get relief from stomach acid or neutralize the impact of that acid is to use over-the-counter drugs that contain sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. This might give temporary relief but prolonged consumption of baking soda might have other side-effects.

A cup of aloe-vera juice, three times a day, is one of the best home remedies to over come the agony of ulcer.

If you suffer from ulcer, the important thing you should do is to ensure that your diet does not include elements that would elevate the secretion of gastric acid and also cause irritation at the gastro-intestinal lining. In simple terms, you should avoid taking spices such as garlic, cloves, pepper and chili peppers.

You can also avoid taking fatty foods and also avoid taking snacks at irregular times such as late nights.

Reducing the consumption of coffee or other forms of caffeine might also provide relief for people suffering from ulcer.

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