UFOs have always held a fascination for millions of people all over the world, and though many believe there is no such thing, thousands of people have reported seeing what they are positive are flying saucers, and many even claim that the government has irrefutable proof of their existence and is involved in a massive cover-up in order to avoid mass hysteria. There have been hundreds if not thousands of documented cases surrounding these sightings and many of the witnesses are very reputable and in some cases even scientists and members of law enforcement agencies.

One of the most famous of these cases was the Roswell UFO Incident, where allegedly on July 8th 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico, USA, an object that was thought to be a UFO crashed, and not only was debris discovered that was supposedly of extra-terrestrial origin, but they also found an actual alien corpse still intact. Now this incident has been a subject of intense controversy and many conspiracy theories have arisen to what actually crashed that day. The US military stated that was recovered was actually debris from a high altitude surveillance balloon that was still in its experimental stage, and was part of a highly classified program called “Mogul”. Many researchers of UFOs claim the government did indeed find an alien spacecraft, and a body, but decided cover it up to keep the findings a secret so that they could further examine the remains without having to reveal what they learned.

The whole controversy started when on July 9th 1947, one day after the initial crash, when the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) issued a release to the press stating that soldiers from the 509th Bomb Group when arriving at the crash site, discovered what appeared to be some type of “flying disc” which quickly sparked intense media attention from all over the world. Ironically enough the military later that same day recanted the story, and the Commanding General of the Eighth Air Force himself, said that it was a big misunderstanding, and adamantly maintained it was just a weather and surveillance balloon, and at a subsequent press conference actual debris from the supposedly crashed balloon was shown to the media and soon the case was quickly forgotten.

The whole story was completely ignored until 1978, when a well known and reputable UFO researcher named Stanton T. Friedman interviewed a Major Jesse Marcel, who was apparently part of the original recovery team that did the clean up at the crash site. The Major claimed that the military were definitely involved in a cover up and that the debris was indeed of extra-terrestrial origin, and certainly not any kind of balloon. This interview soon received a lot of attention by people in the UFO circles, and some documentaries were made, but when The National Enquirer ran the story it received huge worldwide attention.

Over the years other witness started appearing, adding new details, and alluding to a much bigger cover up that involved over 11 other crash sites, and an actual team of scientists whose sole job was to recover spacecrafts and aliens and even perform autopsies when required. There is still no concrete proof that has ever been released, but it makes you wonder whether we are alone out there! FACT, OR FICTION? .Well, if you can make up your mind about this, one then check this one out.