Truth about Vampires

Sordid tales about vampire is a word out of literary imagination than fact of any significance. Vampire is by itself a sordid tale of ghosts, werewolves, tales of horror and unsolved mystery etc. Vampire assumes the form of a woman or a big bat or a man with a penchant for human blood as in the case of count of Dracula. Dracula is the fictional character out of imagination depicted as an example of a human vampire. He was a creation by Bram Stoker, a horror story writer and become popular for the work. The narration of the story in movie makes women faint.

Now it is proved by the scientists that these dangerous creatures do exist in the form of bats and humans but with a twist. A case of a woman Anastasie Dieudonne  in Haiti, confessed to sucking the blood of her niece driven by an urge absolutely uncontrollable with a mental imbalance. This is the case of a human vampire. There have been many cases reported similar to this from different walks of life more dramatic and horrifying.

With reference to bat vampires, Dr. August Kronheit of the German Academy of Science, and member of a number of leading American societies, has made an elaborate study of them in South America. Dr. August Kronheit of the German Academy of Science has done a in-depth research on the existence of bat vampires in south America. He identifies the true vampire as a monster natured black-brown bat with a large wing spread and razor-sharp teeth with easily unrecognizable nose resembling a pig. As a bat, it is nocturnal and sucks blood by attacking animals and humans at sleep. A case of a young girl in Bolivia proves this case when the girl’s dad saw a bat crouching on his daughter’s shoulder at night in the porch. He crushed it to death and later found that the vampire was sucking blood from the girl.

This is not to frighten the readers as most of the bats are harmless. They live by eating insects or by sucking juices from fruits. Vampire bats are known to exist in tropical countries. The puzzling fact is that the victims are not awakened during sucking of blood by the vampire. Reason is attributed to the flat razor-sharp teeth that shave the upper portion of the skin. Blood is sucked through the abrasion by suction. It is neither biting nor stinging and has no depth and so the wound created doesn’t create any pain for the victim. Human vampires are psychologically affected people with a passion for sucking human blood and investigations do point out that such people existed earlier and exist now also.

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  1. why is it that all the stories you guy tell the peaple that are know as vanpire are origanating form europe my that were ever theis stories come form are letting us know that there must be some kind of a conection between all of them thought of that

  2. there must be a connection between the vampires (human)and their psychological problems… hmm…. Ever since Bram Stoker’s Dracula, there’s been multiple, no, several types of blood-sucking vamps, and before Dracula, there were ABSOLUTELY no vamps, or stories of them

  3. i believe in vampires out of this whole world with all these people there has to be something else other then us. a darker side to life something that we arent and maybe we dont know about them because they are afraid to show us who they are people wouldnt except them think about it we cant be the only ones here

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