Tree House or Swing Set?

Now that you can buy ready-made tree houses for your yard, you, as a parent, may be trying to figure out which is better for your child or children. For argument’s sake, we are going to be talking about the deluxe swing set, one that has several different types of swings, a swinging bar or rings, a slide, and a jungle gym. That way the tree house and the swing set are comparable in price.

So, let’s look at this. What is your back yard like? Is it full of trees that would make sense for a tree house or is it sparse in vegetation that would make it more suitable for a swing set? If you don’t have a tree, a tree house doesn’t make much sense but is not out of the question. If you have any low-hanging trees, a swing set might not be a good idea, unless you can put it someplace that would not interfere with the trees. You also have to think about your grass. A tree house is not going to have much impact on your grass. But a swing set may turn your grass into dirt, from where the kids are running around to play on it. If this is something you don’t want, then a swing set is probably not a good idea.

The next question, and maybe the most important question, is what kind of activity level do you want your child or children to have? With a tree house, there will be some kind of stairs or cargo net to get up into the house and a pole or slide to get out of it. These do not offer a lot of activity for your child or children. A swing set, on the other hand, has swings that strengthen your child’s legs, a bar or rings that strengthen your child’s arms, a jungle gym that strengthens all their muscles, plus they’ll be running around it which gets their heart rate up which is good for their body. If you want your child or children to be ready to go to bed at night because they have spent all of their energy, then the answer is obvious: the swing set.

Another question is what does your child like to do? Is your child the active type where a swing set would be a good choice? Or is your child more into exploring and making plans where a tree house would make better sense? If your child likes to go off on his or her own and have a place to call his own, a tree house makes perfect sense. There your child can be alone or invite friends, or even you, to join him. Your child can make a club house out of it and have passwords for entrance.

Only you can make the choice of which is better for your child or children but you could ask them what they want. You may be surprised.