Top Vacation Destinations

Every summer thousands of people go out in search of a great vacation. Sometimes they end up with something undesirable and other times they get what they paid for. Ask a tourist whats he looking for in a vacation destination, enjoyment and adventure are the most common answers. Here is most fantastic touristic destination I’ve been too.



Small country in South East Asia, slightly larger than Spain, bordering Bruma and Laos from the north. This country had about 13.4 million international visitors in 2007, numbers have been thought to have grown rapidly and should be at  20 million by summer of 2011. Which will be approximately the same number of visitors a year as Mexico and Canada, second only to China in the Asia.

Things To Do

  • Kite Fights, fun and easy, an activity in many Asian cultures. In Thailand this is done as a competition between Women and Men. You can watch or either participate if you can flight a kite.
  • Watching Muay Thai fights. there are 100s of Muay Thai tournaments in Thailand each month, you will probably come across a few. Watching athletes trade thunderous blows with no protection is something amazing.
  • With more than half of the population being Buddhists, there many temples around. Meditation is one of the most relaxing activities, sitting bear feet in a temple with thousands around you meditating is a great sight.

There many things to do in this wonderful country, wine testing tours in Bangkok, meeting the lady boys, diving with sharks(not great white sharks) and many other adventures. Can’t wait to return in a few weeks…