Top Interview Mistakes

Your conduct during an interview can, to some extent, decide the future course of your career. Certain interview behaviors can kill your job chances in minutes. It is highly recommended that you avoid the following “we are done” interview behaviors to be in the best books of the HR of your potential employer.

Dressing Inappropriately

Inappropriate dressing undoubtedly tops the list of top 10 interview mistakes, and it certainly does help to observe the attire of the employees of your potential employer. Going by the rule of thumb, you should wear a suit if you are attending the interview for a professional position. Conversely, if you are attending the interview for a summer job, a suit can very much ruin your show. In such a case, it is better to stick to smart casuals.

Attending the interview without preparation

Almost every company expects the applying candidates to know the company’s background information. If you are really serious about the job opening, then you should reach the interview hall only after reading the “About us” section of the company’s website.

Being inattentive during the interview

While asking the interviewer to elaborate on a question is fine, it would not help much if you say that you could not hear the question because you were thinking of something else. If the interviewer even gets an iota of doubt on your attentiveness, you can be quite sure of a canceled candidature.

Offering too much information

Too much of anything is injurious, and information is no exception! It is in your best interest to stick to clear, concise and to the point answers. At the same time, you can ruin your employment chances by answering the questions with just a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. It certainly helps to be responsive and providing a complete answer to a question. One must be insightful enough to offer information that could be of interest to the interviewer.

Receiving a call in the interview room

It is in your best interest to switch off your mobile phone before entering the interview room. Ringing of a cell phone or receiving a call in the interview room is considered as ill-manners among HR officials of top companies, and hence can kill your chances forever.

There are several other behaviors which are a strict “no-no” during an interview. However, by avoiding the above 5 top interview blunders, and by maintaining a confident physical posture, you can certainly make a desirable impression in front of the interviewing officials.