Top 5 Sculptors of all time

How could we talk about Art without sculptors, something that is apparent in every corner of Italy.

Here is the list of Greatest Sculptors of all time.

1. Michelangelo – The word Genius is not enough to describe Michelangelo, he dominated European art until Picasso and others came later. If you do not know about Michelangelo check out some of his work, they are mind blowing, this guy made some of the best sculptors back in time when there were not much tools to speed up the process. Some of his works took him years, in fact one of his works took him 10 years to complete.

2. Constantin Brancusi – One of the best Romanian Sculptors of his time, very talented and one who dominated in 1900-1950s.

3. Auguste Rodin – You read about Michelangelo, well Rodin was no less than Michelangelo a true genius. His sculptors had one of the most significant human feel to it.

4. Donatello – Better known as the greatest sculptor of the early Renaissance.

5. Gian Lorenzo Bernini – If you are looking for emotional sculptures then Gian is the one you should look for.

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