Top 5 Hollywood Scandals

Hollywood always has its fair share of screwed up actors and actresses who don’t know any other way to spend money but on alcohol, drugs, and sex. These sorts of scandals no longer shock us but there are certain controversies that still manage to astonish our cynical palate.

As long as there are celebrities, there will be scandals. And as Paris Hilton’s love movie shows, audiences do not discriminate when it comes to these shockers. So here are some of the top 5 Hollywood scandals so far:

1. Rob Lowe – long before Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson got busy, Rob Lowe rocked the Hollywood sexy scene. The then-25 year old invited two girls, one of them was 16, over to his hotel. After their carnal act was captured on video, Lowe went to the bathroom while the girls left with the tape and money. A part of the video was leaked and sparked frenzy. The actor settled with the teenager to avoid charges. His career virtually bounced back and he landed ropes on the “West Wing” and became part of Governor Schwarzenegger’s staff.

2. Hugh Grant – before he hooked up with Divine Brown in 1995, Grant was known as a stammering charmer his characters were projected. He was also known to be intensely devoted to Elizabeth Hurley. But this image disappeared when he was discovered with Brown. When the police told Brown who her client was, she demanded “Who the hell is Hugh Grant?” Soon, everybody knew about them and Grant responded with “I did a bad thing and there you have it.”

3. Winona Ryder – after being caught with felony, the Oscar nominated actress made the headlines. The actress did not escape charges; she was sentenced to three years probation, $10,000 in fines, and 480 hours worth of community service. Her career had been downhill since.

4. Paris Hilton – would this list be complete without the Pink Princess? Paris Hilton’s video was downloaded by millions of curious fans across the world. But if Hilton released the movie to make her career leap, it soared. She has been the object of tabloids to fashion magazine ever since.

5. Woody Allen – after his affair with longtime partner Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter was discovered, scandals after scandal hit Hollywood in 1993. Allen and Farrow fought for custody battle and Allen got what he wanted. He married Soon-Yi in 1997.  But his career was never the same after that.

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  1. I have to say Paris Hilton had to be in this list, she is one heck of a piece. in India we say…

    Kya cheese cut piece/

    which means what a cheese great piece

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