Top 3 Upcoming Superhero Movies

There was a time where superhero movies were only for the fan’s of the comic but now things have changed. In today’s superhero movie you get everything you would want from a popcorn action flick without needing to be a huge fan of the series. Also the fact that superhero movies have become some of the most successful movies of the last decade helps in their proliferation. Aside from the obvious adaptions such as Spiderman, Superman and all the other big names. We get a few lesser known ones such as Antman and Deadpool. Here are a few superhero movies coming out relatively soon.

This is the superhero made for the big screen, he is funny, self indulging and a bag full of energy. The fact that he breaks the fourth wall for a superhero is a pretty big deal, it’s going to be interesting how they deal with that in the movie. If you didn’t know the movie is still in production and might come out sometime in 2014. Unfortunately, Ryan Reynolds is the star as Deadpool, he failed miserably as the Green Lantern. Yes the script was bad but Reynolds did nothing to make it better. Despite Deadpool having lots of potential as comedy action flick, it should be approached with caution since Reynold has never been comedic or action oriented as an actor.

The Avengers 2

Let’s face The Avengers was one of the most exciting movies ever. It was so well paced and was great all around except maybe the plot. With Joss Whedon at the helm you can expect it to get better and keep that same faithfulness to the original Avengers series. Avengers 2 doesn’t need to change much but the addition of new heroes is obvious and new main villain since Loki is one of the least interesting villains in the entire Marvel catalogue. Avengers 2 will truly be bigger and better.

Kick-Ass 2

The self made superhero returns. Despite not having the craziness of other superhero movies the original Kick-Ass delivered some really emotional feelings something which most big badass action movies fail to do. The sequel will have the two main superheroes from the original, Kick -Ass and Hitgirl. Most of the main characters are kids or young adults but with one exception as there is a goofy adult with them. Nicholas Cage previously had this role but the torch has been passed to Jim Carrey. To say the least, Jim knows how to play goofy. With or without the big cinematic action setpieces, Kick-Ass 2 is definitely one of the most awaited superhero movie to come in a long time.