Top 10 reasons to go size 0

What is size 0 [1]? Is it simply an US clothing size standard? Certainly it is not! If you go by the definition it is actually the smallest size. It would fit women with vital stats between 30-22-32 and 33-25-35 inches. It is this idea of fitting into a size 0 dress has consumed every fashion-conscious woman. With the A-list stars crash dieting to secure this alluring size, more and more women are following their footsteps. To be or not to be a size 0 has become a never-ending debate; there are a large number against it as they fear anorexia is a by-product of being size 0. But we will tell you that this 0 size is not all that bad and all the reasons for flaunting it.

More healthy: That beautiful crimson red dress which you bought for a whooping 150 dollars remains in your cupboard untouched for almost 2 years now. The reason behind this is that you have gained so much weight that it does not fit you any longer. Fat is small word with a BIG consequence! It is something that can easily get you if you do not take proper care of yourself. Size 0 can be achieved by working out, eating healthy and doing your regular chores. It not only makes you fit into your favorite dress but also make you live a more disciplined life. Oh, yes, you save money on medicines and visiting doctors.

Look better: There cannot be anything worse than having a sagging stomach. Though the term “love handles” could sound cute but there is nothing lovely about these. There are so many teenagers who suffer from obesity as they overeat. Overeating is a bad habit that mostly their parents get them into. Little children look cute with their baby fat but if this fat does not wear off with age soon it turns into obesity. Being a size 0 is just a way to stay in shape. Actor Kate Moss has rightly said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” [2].

Make people jealous around you: When a guy looks at you with appreciative eyes, you feel great but you feel even better when a girl looks at you with jealousy. A woman who is size 0 is not voluptuous but nevertheless she looks gorgeous. She looks extremely smart too. Moreover, imagine you are going for a vacation in Miami and have every intention of putting on your hottest bikini. With a size 0 you can wear anything with complete ease without any extra flab that looks simply hideous! Most people consider size 0 to be very attractive [3].

Increased self confidence: Believe it or not but a woman sporting size 0 is much more confident about her. Nor is she picked up by her friends or colleagues for being fat. She feels surer about everything and is ready to take on challenges. A board meeting or handling a new project, you will get the zeal from inside to do something constructive. You will also get constant attention from your friends, which boasts up your confidence levels. Your kids will definitely vote as the most gorgeous looking mom in this World!

Feel fresher: Only a small fraction of people know that size 0 can actually make you feel fresh. With constant workout sessions, eating what is right and practicing yoga and other exercises will only make one feel fresher. Weight issues tend to bog one down but a person with size 0 is always lively.

Your favorite star is a size 0 as well: Your favorite star is a size 0 as well: Most of us wish if we could even have the slightest resemblance to our favorite stars. Though David Haslam [4] who is the National Obesity Forum’s director feels that size 0 is just another passing fashion sported by actors like Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Lindsay Lohan and it should not be promoted. It should be kept in mind that these actors achieve such enviable figure by proper consultation from their nutritionists who prepare a balanced food chart for them. It is not always about only superficial beauty!

Be happier: Obesity can cause depression in an individual. A person with “too much” weight gets very conscious and in some cases refrain from meeting friends or going out for parties. Even while going shopping, they feel different from the rest and become over-sensitive and experience mood swings. Whereas a person with size 0 has no such issues as she feels happy from inside. As she is comfortable under her skin, it shows on her face too [5].

Fit into all fashionable clothes: Top designers labels are all aiming to woo the size 0 crowds. Imagine Victoria Beckham’s range of skinny jeans on a fat woman? It would be a complete disaster. The whole idea of getting into skinny clothes, which are quite fashionable, can make you feel on cloud 9. Gone are the days where skinny girls had to check out the kid’s section for their clothes, their clothes these days dominate the racks of fashion stores. For an ultra chic look, your aim should be to fit into size 0 clothes.

It is not that you have to crash diet for it: It is a myth that all size 0 women are anorexic or suffers from any eating disorder. One does not have to refrain from eating their favorite pie or eat everything and then puke it off. Neither do you have to consume any chemical like the so-called, “size-0 pill”. Not all women who are size-0 are unhealthy. They do not crash diet but take in frequent healthy meals. Have a very balanced meal, which also includes the essential carbohydrates and fats; just do not over-eat. Something that we do not realize is that we consume large quantity of “junk foods” containing lots of oil. The shift should be on quality food, which gives you enough energy to carry on with your regular chores. With a proper digestion rate that is achieved through working out, you can be size 0 even after eating well.

Definitely have more takers: Though there are people who have said that men find mid-sized women [6] more attractive but you will find that is not true with men drooling for you when you have a perfectly toned, size-0 figure. With greater confidence and a charisma about you, men will have to ask you out!!







DISCLAIMER: The data, information, and facts have been compiled by the writer and not those of the website. The write-up has been prepared to stress on the importance of staying healthy. There are far more number of people suffering from blood sugar, heart diseases and other obesity-related diseases than anorexia or bulimia. And, it is really important to get the habit of staying fit and healthy from young age. Size zero concept may help us consult a nutrition expert to design an ideal diet chart. The intentions are to provide the readers with some fun facts and food for thought and we bear no liability whatsoever for a reader’s action in particular or consequential damages. This site and the material would not be provided without such limitations.

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  1. This is absolutely disgusting. Most women can’t get down to a size 0. Pull your head out of your tiny ass and get real.

  2. Even if this is intended for humor, it should be removed because some young girls might take this seriously. We have too many anorexia and bulimia cases already!

  3. Hmmm… I don’t know about this. I was a model in my teens up until mid 20s and I had a 27 inch waist and weighed 125 at 5 ft 8. I was skinny and I still wore a size 8/9 in jeans.

    So the stats to be a size zero must be for a really short girl.

  4. I’m actually a size 0, and yes, like Jamie said, it’s not only being thin but principally being short in a petite, almost childish way.
    I know that cause I’m 20 and still buy clothes from the “children/teens” part of the magazines.

  5. Just wanted to point out that this is totally stupid and there was no reason for you to site your sources because they are no good. 1) Wiki is not academic, peer-reviewed, or always right. 3) and 6) are biased news sites designed to attract readers, and most guys find size zero alien in nature and are not as attracted to it. While it is important to stay in good shape and eat right, don’t be extreme!

  6. what the hell im not sayin that this is right cuz everyone should just be the size they are but im 15, 5ft 3 i eat loads and im still naturally a size 00, so thankyouu stu for saying im disgusting you dick head i mean who are you to tell people whats an attractive size or not. everyone needs to be just who they are and be happy about it x oh nd btw i dont luk lyk a walking skeleton so get off your high horse nd just get a life.

  7. Ya i am a beefy girl, and really want to be a size zero and whatever mentioned above is the truth! I remember i used to be size zero (after i broke up with my ex-boyfriend) i started to eat. But believe me I used to be the center of attention all the time! everything was made for me! my ex-boyfriend was always all the time jealous of why other ppl look at me, girls even used to hit on me let alone guys!

  8. First off, size 0 isn’t bad. Everyone says it is. It’s not. Most models don’t even fit into a size 0 and look thinner than some people that do. Proportion it with height: a size 0 women that’s 6’2″ is going to look WAY different from a size 0 women that’s a size 5′.

    Secondly, I’m sure this is article was created for trolling purposes, due to what I previously mentioned (how everyone says it’s bad, etc.), but fitting into fashionable clothing? You can’t even fit into the ugly stuff. Clothing for women typically starts at a size 2 or 4 while swimwear starts in a 6. I don’t know where you’ve been shopping and seen these “so-called” magical pieces of size 0 clothing that are actually fashionable, but I’d LOVE to know.

  9. HELLO people I’m a size zero. My BMI is 14.5. Let me tell you being a size zero is nothing close to being healthy. It’s not at all as glamorous as they make it seem. Come on, bones sticking out is just NOT hot! It looks sorta repelling, if you ask me. I’m trying to put on weight, cuz i feel dizzy and weak ALL THE TIME. There’s a lot of other problems too. SO please, pleeease don’t think size zero is cool. Healthy is cool and size zero is just not healthy. duhh.

  10. I’m not saying size zero is bad, but in most cases, many people that are size zero tend to end up being unhealthy, and tend to become this size by cutting out meals, and end up being anorexic or bulimic.
    This article is going to encourage it. And agreeing with one of the other comments, pull your head out your tiny ass, we do have too many cases of it. Don’t make yourself skinnier, just eat healthily, exercise (not excessively) and stay happy. You were made how you are, you should be happy with it, keep your head high, you’re unique, be proud of yourself.

    I use to try to be skinnier, and I was not happy, I had no energy to go out with my friends and be a normal teenager like everyone else, I missed out a lot, I really regret that, I’m 5’9 and size 8 and I just feel lanky, I hate it to be honest, but I’m trying to get over it now, and I’m getting better, and my friends hae even noticed the change in my attitude towards food and being part of events and going out.

    Don’t sink to size zero, it’s not needed. Be healthy, you’ll feel better that way. If you don’t, you’ll only end up trying to recover, and it’s not the right attention when people say ‘omg, you are so skinny.’ believe me!

  11. I’m 5’4 and a size zero with a natural 31-22-31 inch figure…it’s not that exciting. I don’t think I’m any livelier, and I certainly still have my “fat” days. The whole obsession with size is ridiculous. Just workout an hour or so everyday, and don’t eat anything too junky. You’ll find your natural weight.

  12. there is nothing wrong with size 0, i love it, being skinnier than people is fantastic, i have a phobia of fat people and watching them eat which is what started my diet anyway, i dont look overly skinny, i want to be a size smaller!
    there is nothing wrong with wanting to be proud of your body, my BMI is 17, im 5’7 and weigh around 7.4 stone…do what you want to do :)

  13. I have a few friends who are size 0 but they are size 0 in some clothes and size 4 or 5 in others. But since we’re like 13/14 and they’re not very tall, they don’t look sickly skinny. They’re thin but not like bones sticking out skinny. Plus, I think it’s just their waist that’s so small because their hips aren’t.

  14. i think this post is absolutly discusting. not saying size zero is gross. not saying fat is gross. why do we have to think of reasons to be at a weight we cant be at. FUCKK YOU DISCUSTING WORLD!! love yourself. make it your own. be thin, be fat, but only if thats what YOU are! not starving! jeesssuuusss

  15. Take a step back and look at the drivel you’re spewing… you’re not only defending the smallest clothing size, you’re attempting to evangelize it. As a guy it’s pretty sickening what you women are doing to yourselves. Women need to stop being so obsessive with their looks. Guys don’t care as much as you think we do. And yes, we DEFINITELY think a mid-size girl is hotter than a skinny one.

    Most guys find skinny girls as unattractive as fat girls. That said, be yourself and be proud of that whether you’re skinny, fat, or somewhere in between. Stop being FAKE… that’s more of a turnoff to guys than anything. So many girls wear WAY TOO MUCH makeup and care WAY TOO MUCH about how they look. Stop trying to be something or someone you’re not, and just be yourself. That’s what is attractive.

    The irritating thing is that women seem to think they know exactly what guys want, but so many times you are completely and utterly wrong. Lots of guys hate the fake blonde big boobs look. Lots of guys find “cute” more attractive than traditional “babe hotness”.

    More importantly, guys are different. Some like short women, some like tall women, some like skinny, some like fat. One of my friends LOVES large women, the bigger the better. He finds normal sized girls unattractive.

    Stop thinking there’s the perfect attainable model of what girls should look like, because it doesn’t exist and there will always be a guy that doesn’t find it attractive. BE YOURSELF for the love of god.

  16. For the record, I’m not knocking size 0 women. I’m knocking this sick obsession so many women have with their looks. If you *happen* to be size 0, great… you’re attractive to a lot of guys. (And equally, you’re also unattractive to a lot of guys. You can’t please everyone.)

  17. I am a size two (naturally petite) and I work at a mental health clinic. There is nothing beautiful about eating disorders. They wreak physical and emotional havoc. A size 0 does not make someone beautiful, health makes someone beautiful, and what is the point of being so pretty on the outside if you’re mean and judgmental on the inside?

  18. I’m naturally a size 0 and love it now if I gained weight I wouldn’t be mad at all but all my life I been thin. I’m not sick looking either I have a big bust for my size so i’m somewhat curvy. A lot of weight has to do with height. I’m only 5’2 so a 0 doesn’t look bad on me. Now someone whose 5’10 probabley shouldn’t be a size 0 just like someone 5’2 would probabley look big as a 14/16! Height plays a big role on the way someone looks. I’m happy being skinny but like I said if I gained weight I wouldn’t care.

  19. i think that size zero is fine when it is natural but when people want to look like the models on the runway that look like walking skeletons i think its just plain ugly. there very serious side effects of losing alot of weight and going size 0, eg: depression, thinning of the bones, chemical inbalance in the biody, tirdeness weakness and kidney tall and if i was size 0 (which i am not) i think i would look very ugly so i think its better to have some meat on you and eat healthily instead of not eating and being thin . size 12 is fine for me and it should be for everyone else, there is no need to be self concious , BE YOUR SELF .

  20. you shouldn’t be persuading people to be a size zero, the average women in the UK is a size 14 and it’s because of size zero that women all around the globe are feeling over weight and ugly. Size zero is certainly NOT better for your health. i agree with marielee with what she said, height does matter and models, for example, look incredbily thin and ill. It is actually a fact that most men find size eight to twelve girls much more feminine and beautiful than size zero girls. There is no reason why you cannot buy a new dress if it does not fit you any more, size zero makes ordinary people feel unhappy with themselves when in actual fact they are beautiful. This website is out of order and should not have been posted. i am a teenage girl, size eight and yet this website has made me feel unhappy with myself. Is that really the effect that you want to have on people? i think not.

  21. Hello im a size 0 – 1 , i weigh 105lbs my height is 5’4 , this website makes me feel like i need to be like a 00 , i no i would love it if i was naturally like tht but i dont want my thighs not to be there lol , i hate wen peoples bones stick out like tht is discusting to be honest. I have suffered from eating disorder recently and im only 14 , i have come to a point tht i need to stop before my health becomes endangerd. People are always making front of me saying im to skinny but hoesntly i dont find myself tht skinny at all…. I hate it though when people say oh ur to skinny u have a eating disorder, before i did have one they would say it anyways but the thing is tht is kinda when made me have it, stress, people making front of me. Makes me feel like shit. I just want everyone to know if u think your fat yah sure try to lose weight to A HEALTHY STANDARD weight, u could be a size 3 or 5 and still be skinny, depends ur shape , for me i have wide hips… and some people have giant asses ( lol) …. I just want you all to know that dont listen to this junk makes ur mind go nuts, like me!! i cant help but think im fat cuz i have been soo concerned for the past 4 years id say….

  22. ummmm…Even if I weighed less than 100 lb., I wouldn’t be a size 0. I would have to somehow shrink my ribs several inches. My wrist is 6in. meaning I have a medium size frame. I am 5’7.5″ and I wear a size 8. For crying out loud these celebrities aren’t a size 0, get over it! Angelina Jolie is a size US6 and she is 5’7″. Diane Kruger, who is exceptionally skinny, wears a size US4 or US6 (weight fluctuates). Victoria’s Secret Angels are between a size US4 & a size US8. Not a one of them is less than a size 4, and the majority are a size 6. We all know these girls are gorgeous and that men drool over them. Get real, it is fine if you are exceptionally petite and short to be a size 0, but those women that you are admiring, and striving to look like are mostly between the sizes of 4 and 8. I don’t think men have a clue sometimes. People only listen to what the media tells them, not to a models actual measurements from a reputable agency (FORD) that when compared to the usual women’s size chart are a size 4 or more.

  23. This is sick:/ Seriously. Please say you’re joking. For all the people saying they are naturally size 0, when others comment saying how bad this is, they mean when people are brainwashed into thinking that size 4 is fat. So yeah…

  24. I Certainly don’t understand sizes, really, if I this “would fit women with vital stats between 30-22-32 and 33-25-35 inches” is true, i’m a size 0, ’cause i’m 32-25-32, but, i’m size 4 O_o i mean i really can’t get it, can someone explain it?

  25. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe you would waste your time writing this. I suppose if you’re self-esteem really does depend upon the reasons you listed I could see why you would feel the need to convince others to see things the way you do. In other words, get a self esteem self help book or get a therapist.

  26. hm… well. I have to say being a size 0 is not all that it’s cracked up to be.. I’m a size 0, actually 0-1.. maybe a 2(but it depends of the fabric/material) But i mean, i dont see why people want to be a size 0. I really hate it because for one, i’d rather be average sized. And even if I try to gain weight, it’s sooo hard(btw its almost impossibe for my to gain weight). And a lot of my friends dont kno this, but it kinda makes me feel insecure, because im so slim. And also when some of my friends complain about their weight(as in fat..) I tell them they aren’t fat, because they aren’t..

  27. OH and also im not anorexic. I just have a fast metabolism and also my mom is really slim too…. wut i wouldn’t give to be a size 7 or 8…
    oh and btw im in10th grade..

  28. I’ve been skinny my entire life and have always been a size 0. I’m 23 now… but this article is hilarious. Why try to persuade someone to be a size 0? If you’re a small size 0 great if you’re a size 14 great. Who honestly cares?!

  29. im a size 0 and 5’3 in height. i think i am perfectly healthy because i dont control my food intake..i can eat whatever i want and i dont get sick…i live here in the u.s for 6 years now.never been sick, dont even drink anythose tylenol,advil or whatever pain pills…but the twist, i eat healthy stuff..i dont eat junk food, soda ..its not because that im scared to gain used to eat good and nutritious food….people who are more concious are those who will gain more weight..i think its psychological thing..

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