Top 10 gifts for Winter-Christmas

I am one of those people who love Christmas. I love to decorate and wrap the gifts. The only thing I do not love is trying to figure out what to get everyone on my list. I guess we all have the same problem. We run around weeks before to all the stores and browse until we are exhausted. We may get lucky and find that perfect gift but most of the time we end up taking a stab in the dark. Of course when you ask your loved one is what they want you always get the usual, “Oh don’t get me anything.” I don’t want anything, I have everything!” Yeah, right!

Who does not like opening something Christmas morning? I know I would be sorely disappointed if there was no gifts under the tree for me come Christmas morning. Then of course, you have to buy for the children. I mean that is the heart of the Christmas season.  With this article, I will try to help with the top 10 gifts for winter and holiday season. Of course, there may be some that disagree but we all have our favorites. Some may be wishing for something from this list or they may have a list of their own. With technology constantly, growing it is no wonder that many individuals want something from this starting lineup. In fact, my teenage son would love to get this first one:

1. Digital Cameras- This is a gift that keeps on giving. Just try to get one with at least 10MP resolution. You can take pictures outside, at home, away and keep those memories forever. They come with the latest and greatest features. What a great gift for the holidays and for all those pictures you will be taking.

2. Nintendo Wii- There is a lot of hype around this gaming console this year. It seems like it is constantly on television in commercials. It is great for everyone not just kids and teenagers. Just think how their eyes would light up on Christmas morning opening this under the tree. Adults can get into the action too. There are games and more. You can do exercises or how about doing some shopping. You can create your own character and even play with your friends.

3. Apple I Pod-Touch- I can attest to the popularity of the ipod. My husband and son both love them. I actually bought my son a teenager one and gave it to him for an early Christmas present. I think it is like one of those things that you just have to have especially if you are a teenager! The apple I pod has a multi-touch interface. It also has wireless networking, yahoo and Google search and a music store.

4. Castor Board- Okay, I have not heard of this one. Apparently, it is a spin off the ever-popular skateboard. It is a two-wheeled, self- propelled vehicle. With this object, your feet do not need to leave the board to gain momentum. It is more then a skateboard, it is a snowboard. Great winter fun!

5. Apple I Phone- With people constantly on the go, we all need a way to stay in touch making the I phone the most wanted Christmas gift.  It is an internet connected smart phone. The phone has a multi-faced screen and minimal hardware interface. It is a camera phone, laptop and music player all in one! Who wouldn’t want all that at their fingertips!

6. Universal Remote- Yes, this is still a viable gift for Christmas giving. It is especially nice for your parents or grandparents who may have a million remotes that they can never find. This one remote can operate the TV, DVD, music center and more. This is a useful gift. Anyone would enjoy it.

7. Hanna Montana Toys- Since the television series started in March 2006, Hanna Montana has exploded. She is everywhere and the youth love her. Now Hanna Montana toys are clamored for by pre-teens and teens everywhere.

8. Lamaze Toys- If you have a baby or know someone who does or may be expecting these toys are awesome! All the Lamaze toys are different and are geared to the age of your infant. They will teach your baby, help him or her mature, and grow and be happy.

9. Robot Dog- This toy is one of the more popular toys. What child wouldn’t love to have a pet? It could certainly work for those families who may not be able to have a real dog. These dogs are programmed to act just like a real dog. They will give paw, sneeze, and want food and even pee.

10. LCD Television- This is another testament for the need for the newest technology. I think men are geared towards this one. I know my husband could not wait to get a big flat screen television. If you can afford it this would be an unforgettable gift. We were lucky and bought ours on sale and from the store floor. It is a completely new experience in watching television especially if you love to watch movies at home. It is definitely part of the home theater system and experience! Just think of the money you could save from not going to the movies.

Okay, so there are the top ten ideas for gifts for winter/Christmas 2008.  I hope it can help you in deciding what to get your friends and family this year. There are so many things to choose from but you want to get them something that they will want and truly enjoy for years to come. With these suggestions, you cannot go wrong. The holidays come with enough stress and work so why not make your gift giving a little easier? This holiday season spend more time with family and friends and less time stressing about what to buy everyone. Take a few suggestions from this list, sit by the window and watch it snow.

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