Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Kids

It seems to be hard to buy for kids. If you do not know the kids well it makes it more difficult. It could be your husband’s side of the family. It could be your own family members that you have not seen in years. It can be expensive too when you factor in all the kids on your growing list. You may be holding a function or going to one and have to provide some children’s gifts. Therefore, what do you do and where do you start? Well in this article, I will try to lay out the top 10 gifts for all the kids on your list this year.

I hope that it will help you in deciding what to get them. Kids love to receive toys. Therefore, anything you get them will be great. Try to throw in the odd educational toy; we do not want them to forget their ABC’s. Throw in some inexpensive stuff too, like candy. You could even make them up little stockings. That is what we decided to do this year. We are having a get together and found this the best way.

1.Elmo Live– This Elmo is truly amazing. It tells jokes, stories and moves just like on television. Smaller kids will love it! The soft and cuddly Elmo will be a hit with kids and adults alike.

2.Bakugan Battle Brawlers- created by Sega and based on a Japanese show. It has collectible characters and competitive action. It will definitely keep the kids happy. – 8 and up.

3.Underwater Mask- The mask actually functions as a camera. Both pictures and movies can be taken underwater. This camera can be hours of fun. Kids can dive and take pictures of the mysteries they find underwater. The pictures are uploaded straight to a computer. They can be edited and cropped. – 8 and up.

4.Devil Ray-Mega RC- Boys love remote controlled cars. Just look outside in your neighborhood on a nice day. You are sure to see some kids excitedly racing their cars around on the grass. This particular model works on land and water and is rechargeable.

5.Candy Factory- Kids like to experiment. This lab is great for that! They can cook and learn facts too. The kit comes with recipes. Who knows you may have a budding chef in the family.

6.Princess Palace Sticky Mosaic- This comes from Mastermind and is so much fun for girls. Every little girl dreams of being a princess. Maybe even of being rescued by a handsome prince. This palace is pink, lovely, and great for the little princess you may have on your holiday list. There are no tools involved so assembly is easy. The kit comes with decorative mosaic tiles that you peel and stick to create your perfect castle.

7.Castor Board- Kids will love this one. It will definitely appeal to the skateboarders and snowboarders. It is actually a cross of both. This is good for ages 8 and up. I am thinking boys will take full advantage of this gift. Just make sure they wear protective gear! Who knows what tricks they will be trying!

8.MagNext- Kids love blocks and these are great! These are a run off the Lego trend. The pieces are magnetized. Therefore, when kids make their creations they can actually keep them, at least for a while. This will be hours of fun and keep your kids creating and building.

9.Smart Builders Piano- Every parent loves to encourage their children to play an instrument. Whether it sounds like an instrument is a different story. With this piano, you can add more beats and songs. This toy was voted one of the Top 20 Toys of 2008. This toy is good up to age 4.

10.Corolle Les Doilies- Located in France the makers of these dolls want them to be as realistic as possible and they are. The dolls have been modeled after real kid’s faces making them very realistic. The company has won several awards. The dolls are soft with lovely outfits. As well as being the cutest dolls, they are scented with Licorice, Toffee, Apple, Rose, Violet and Marshmallow. Your little girl’s room will smell lovely too. Now that is different.

These are all great gifts. However, if you are like me and have a teenager at home then you may want to think more along the lines of video games. Teens love video games! One of the biggest right now is Guitar Hero. Then there are digital cameras and I pods. I do not know about your older kids but mine is not really too interested in Christmas anymore. I guess it is just the right of passage. At this point, they are more interested in money then actual gifts. So if you are racking your brain, do not. Put some money in an envelope or card.

Of course, if you want to go another way you can get them gift certificates. This will work for kids of any age. Don’t know what to get the one child? During the holiday season, many stores offer gift certificates. However, do be careful and read the find print. You do not want to get into a contractual mess. There could be limitations. All you have to do is think about the stores that the child may like and if they are girls or boys. You may want to go with an electronic store, clothing store, restaurant. You may also want to think of action certificates.  Maybe your child would like to try out paintball, bowl or go carting.

Remember it is the season for creativeness and giving from the heart. It is a holiday for kids. It is that time of year to watch their little faces on Christmas morning as they tear into their gifts. It is a time to laugh, play, and try to steal a little bit of their youth and spirit.

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