To Walk or Jog?

Both walking and jogging are good for your heart health and can burn unwanted calories. The question is, what’s best for you?

Walking can be done in many different forms. There’s the slow walk which people who are elderly or cannot walk faster will do. This type of walk is still good for your heart and does burn calories, just not as many. There’s the faster walk that many people do that is better for your heart and burns more calories. You can wear weights on your ankles and/or wrists or carry weights in your hands to add to the burn. The more you move your arms when you walk, the more calories you will burn and the more your heart will have to work. There is also the interval walk which can be done in many different ways. Some people will walk for a specified time and then do lunges or marching or knee lifts or leg lifts or maybe even some jogging for a while before returning to walking. These intervals change the way you burn calories and it also changes the way your heart has to work. Walking up and down hills or mountains will also change the way your heart works and the number of calories you burn.

Walking is good for people with joint problems and feet problems as it is less intensive. You can buy a good pair of walking shoes for $30-40. The best kind of walking shoes have a rocking sole which makes your legs work harder and keeps your back straighter. These types of shoes can be bought for $60-75. Looking for sales is the best thing to do when buying walking shoes. You can get some really good deals. But make sure you are still getting a shoe that is made for walking and that is good quality. You don’t need any special clothing for walking. Some shorts and a shirt are fine though many people do invest in walking clothes. You want something that is going to wick the sweat away from your body, keeping you cool. Cotton is the best product unless you go to higher end products. Make sure to wear socks with your shoes to keep from getting blisters.

You may start out as a walker and turn to jogging or just go straight into jogging. Jogging definitely makes your heart work harder and burns calories, though not that much more than walking. Jogging is hard on your joints, especially your knees. So, if you have knee problems, jogging is not going to be a good choice for you. There are special shoes for running, just as there are for walking. I suggest you buy a pair. Many people also invest in jogging or running clothes though it is not necessary. Again, cotton works great at wicking away the moisture from your body, keeping you cool. Always wear socks with your shoes to keep from getting blisters.

So, which is best for you? Only you can make that decision.