Tips & Tricks: Lower Your Cholesterol

In this world shattered by economic crises and all the injustices going in the third tier countries, a virus is affecting a lot of people in the northern hemisphere. What is this virus, disease? Is it the dark plague of the 21st century predicted by Nostradamus? What Am I Talking About? What else…high cholesterol. The disease that has over a 100 million Americans restricting their diets is slowing growing but not much people have paid attention to its sudden grown. The other country which has been greatly affected by this sickness is the Land Down Under, Australia, which in 2001 had over 1 million people consisting of high cholesterol.

Before spewing out more stats I would like to enlighten you on what really defines a person with high cholesterol and what cholesterol really is.

What is Cholesterol? A chemical compound that is naturally produced in your body, it has various important uses in your body. It helps you digest fat, it is used to make Vitamin D and some hormones. It builds cell walls which make the system inside your body work properly. These cell walls work as a natural filter outside of each cell. Like I said earlier your body produces enough Cholesterol from the liver alone, it produces around 1,000 milligram that is a solid 1 gram per day. That is enough cholesterol for one day but so many meals contain it that it is actually hard to avoid, such as cheese. In an average person’s day he should have only 20% of his overall cholesterol from outside of his body. And the other 80% from the inside. But the problem is actually being around those numbers most people with high cholesterol go around 40% or in some serious cases even much higher.

Cholesterol isn’t naturally bad, they help make things tic inside your body then why are they associated with many heart and artery diseases. There are two kinds of Cholesterol LDL and HDL, the former being the bad one. LDL lipoprotein deposits Cholesterol on your cell walls which make your artery walls more thick and make passage for some fluids more difficult. The Good One, HDL, prevents this process which is called atherosclerosis.

Lower Your Cholesterol

Here are some tips and good foods to consume to lower your cholesterol!

Oat Meal And Oat Bran

If you’re someone with high levels of LDL(bad cholesterol) you might want to give these babies a try, especially the Oat Meal which has soluble fiber, something that reduces LDL slowly. For those with a serious case of LDL, here are a few other LDL Killers: kidney beans, apples, pears, psyllium, barley and prunes.

Mix up Oat meals with oat bran or fruits like banana, which will make for a more intensive attack against LDL. These oats decrease the absorption of Cholesterol in your body as long as you have more Fiber in your diet than Cholesterol.

Walnuts, Almonds and Other Nutties

For sometime walnuts have been hailed as the great food that heals any blood issues, though not exactly true but not far from the truth. Walnuts contain polyunsaturated fatty acids which help keep your blood vessels healthy and strong. Almonds and other such nuts have similar effects on your blood vessels.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

The name doesn’t make it sound like such a good thing but out there in the nature, this is perhaps the best substance we could consume. Omega 3 Fatty Acids do something extraordinary no other substance do as good. Omega 3 reduces blood pressure and blood cloths. Blood cloths which don’t start dangerously but end up deadly.

Those are some of the most effective and natural processes to lower your cholesterol.