Tim Horton’s Fun Facts

Tim Horton’s was founded in Ontario in 1964. However, it was once owned by Americans. Tim Horton’s is more popular then McDonalds! They focus on quality, freshness, value and service and are the largest quick service restaurant chain in Canada. At first the company only offered two products coffee and donuts. The original creations were the Apple Fritter and the Duchies. They were the most popular choices in the 60’s and remain two o the most popular today. Then in 1976 they came out with the Tim bit and today it is available in 35 different varieties! Then all the other products came out but the biggest draw is Tim Horton’s coffee. It is a special blend. With the addition of the roll up the rim game the coffee is a huge draw! Customers have been rolling for 23 years now!

In 2008, over 88 % of major prizes were redeemed. When you win a vehicle it is not leased it is yours to keep! In fact customers have won over 150 vehicles, 2.6 million in cash and over 500 televisions. There have been over 6 million in vehicles and 2.7 million in home entertainment gifts since 2001. In 2006, at least 92% of the prizes were redeemed. The popularity of Tim Horton’s comes from their advertising. They came in 11th for the top advertisers in the largest variety of Television ads category. The most Tim Horton’s in Canada are in Moncton, New Brunswick! They have 22 full sized Tim Horton Restaurants even though their population is quite small. Did you realize that the uniforms the servers wear were made by a high class designer?
They were made by Stephan Caras in 2001. At the time they were thought to be crisp, clean and stylish. However, this job was not given high priority on Mr, Cara’s resume! The founder of Tim Horton’s first restaurant died in 1974 when his car hit a cement culvert in Ontario. He was driving at over 100 km per hour and his blood alcohol was twice the legal limit. Tim Horton’s is more popular then Dunkin Donuts. We have all heard that the coffee has msg or nicotine that make us all addicted to it. However, that is just an urban myth. In fact, Tim Horton’s coffee contains no additives at all! The coffee is made from Arabica beans and put through a Swiss Water method to remove caffeine from the decaffeinated coffee.