Three Of The Greatest Sculptor Of All Time

These genius’s made amazing things with old ordinary tools and some stone. These pieces of arts are scattered around the world, but still lots of people go to visit them.

Donatello one of the greatest of the renaissance, he came from Florence, Italy. He was very popular in Italy, where art was appreciated a lot. Donatello had mastered any types of statues, made from bronze, stone, wood, terracotta. He made all types of figures, single figures(seated or standing), group figures, nudes, relief sculptures. He could make just about anything with the necessary material. His statues weren’t just statues but creations with emotions, they had impressions in their faces. You would think they would jump to life. He made mere objects into things of greatness.

Michelangelo, he is perhaps even more hard of in modern times than Donatello. He dominated the art scene and was always remembered to have influenced everything he did until Picasso came and did even more. Michel was a workaholic, melancholic, temperamental and a lonely man. Though this not stop his amazing, outstanding creations, creations after creations they were all work of a genius. When he started he made lots of statues of humans that’s what he loved. He was also a paint. At first his human statues were all full of pride, in poses showing their muscles, perfection. But later his statues were more human like and less roman god like. They had more emotion, they were more fallible and flawed. He never repeated the same pose twice.

Lorenzo Bernini

He was a child prodigy, he learned all the arts in the young age. But unlike another sculptors he liked to give theatrical sense to his arts. He made huge statues, pieces that looked like a scene from a theatrical act. He also wrote scripts and comedies when he was younger. Unlike Michelangelo, Bernini was not obsessed with perfection of naked male, he preferred to add nature, animals in his pieces.