Three MegaCities Of The World

Some people like to live in the emptiest of places but others like to be just another face in the crowd. If you want to hide somewhere, these are a few good places!

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Some studies would lead us to believe that Tokyo is the most populated city on earth but Sao Paulo is not far of behind. The population is said to be around 10 million and plus but don’t believe that, trying to pull of a population count in cities as dense as New Mexico and Sao Paulo is near to impossible. They leave out complete areas because of difficulties etc.. In 1970, the population was just around 8million but a industrial boom had an affect on the population also. It is said that it will soon surpass 25 million people. In 1980s, the industries were very unclean and were a major pollution factor. But recent efforts have reduced their effects.

Lagos, Nigeria

In the beginning this capital of Nigeria was around 1million people and a lot easy to manage, skip 40 years from 1960 the population is around 12 million and should be at 23 million by 2015. As of the 1970s the population became nearly impossible to control, manage, crime started to boom too. So the government created another capital, Abuja, it was created in 1976. It had around 400,000 inhabitants for it’s first few years but as of 2003 it has around 4 million. Instead of stopping an existing problem, the Nigerian government has started another.

Calcutta, India

Population here is amazing, around 15 million inhabitants in one small area, it has a population density of 85,000 per square mile. It has one of the most poor urban areas in the world. But somewhat weirdly lots of the poor are educated. The city is also known as a Eastern Poetry heaven, more poetry is published here than anywhere else on the globe. The contrast between the poor and the rich is really big, some live in plastic sacs and others in big mansions. The city smells bad because in the Monsoon season it rains and compounds the already bad sanitation problems. But the city is slowing improving, mother Teresa loved the city so should you.