Three Interesting Kid Pyschologies

By kids I mean preschoolers, they are sweet and adorable but sometimes you notice some common behavior in them. Such as doing what you tell them not to do, but there are many more of these psychological behaviors. Here are a few more of these..

1- Object Property

Kids don’t realize some basic stuff but one of the most notable things you might have noticed in small children is..If a child is hungry he will say “cut the pizza in lots of slices, I’m really hungry” or something along the lines. Other one is..if they have a dollar bill they will exchange it to you for nickels. This is because they can only focus on one property at a time. In the pizza example it’s the amount of slices, they could instead ask for just one but a big one, then they would be focusing on size. In the money example they think they have more objects then you so they are the ones benefiting from the exchange.

2- Egocentric

Preschoolers are egocentric, meaning they believe everyone shares their point of view. This can be easily spotted when playing hide n seek with a child. They will close their eyes in front of you and they will think you cannot see, like them. Also this one is a popular trick among psychologists, ask a small girl or a boy if they have a sister or brother (make sure they do), they will answer “Yes!” but if you ask them if their brother or sister has a sister or brother they will be confused. Egocentrism may also be seen when a child is watching TV they will go really close to it, they think if they see it perfectly others will too. You may also notice preschoolers talking to each other, one talks about something then when it’s the others turn they talk about something else. That too may be attributed to Egocentrism.

3- Identification

Imagine a kid’s father is dressed as Santa Clause and kisses his mother. The kid will believe Santa Clause kissed his mother and not his father. By around the age of four or five kids understand these situations and can analyze them properly.