Things Doctors Scope You With

Doctors have a huge variety of tools to work with, one of the most useful and used are the scopes.

The Endoscope, this tool is made to be used where the doctor needs to analyze more deeply such as most of the orifices, ears, nose, rectum and a doctor’s cut. The first model was designed by Philip Bozini in 1805, it had a candle, a miror and a rigid shaft. It might have contributed to the hate we have to go to the doctor’s. It was annoying where ever it went, not flexible and was hot, not a pleasurable experience of the person on the receiving end. It’s used to help the doctor observe relatively small areas he can’t reach himself. Now days these tools have a camera and only have a diameter of 2.8mm.

Microscope, though not used in the Doctor’s check up room but used in every lab in the world. This tool has achieved so much and has done his creator proud. It has helped mankind with breakthroughs after breakthroughs. The first ones were made in 1621, of course they were really old school. Though they were plagued with lots of problems, such as glass quality, visibility. Now days we can observe 1000 cells at once in great quality, they also have at least three lenses.

Ophthalmoscope, this tool is used to observe someones retina. It provides indirect ligh while allowing clear image of the retina which normally isn’t possible. Hermann Von Helmholtz, in 1851 invented the first model, since it’s creation it has been modified a lot of times. But it has never been as useful as it’s now, it can diagnose kidney and heart disorders too.