There are painters

There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun

What do you see when you look at the sun?  Do you just see a glare in your eyes and put on some sunglasses and go about your business?  You run around all day trying to make ends meet and at the end of the day feel as if you will never make it.  You get up the next day and do it all over again.  Or, do you close your eyes and take a deep breath and allow the wholesome rays of the sun to warm your face?  And as you stand there peace of mind befalls you and the world lets you in on a secret.  You are inspired!

The great secrets of the world that have helped us advance in life have been brought through inspiration by people who were not afraid to reach beyond and pull it back into our reality.  Creating and developing their inspirations for the world to see.  Where would we be without these kinds of people?

Why is it some people are able to overlook or make simple something that is obviously so great?  Here is my theory:  I believe it has to do with the core of a person.  Interestingly enough not all people want to neither see nor bring to life something that seems so powerfully great.  It may overwhelm them and cause them fear unknown.  There are also people who suffer from soulful conditions that do not allow them to be able to share something great with others.  Since they are unable to open their minds to this greatness it is a skill that enables them to convince the weaker to stay at their level.

The reality that there are different kinds of people in this life that want different things and not all of them want to go beyond but, rather stay stationary where things feel safe and under control, but as the nature of the world shows us, everything works in cycles and is ever changing.  Things move, shift, and change without us.  We have to move with it or our made up worlds come tumbling down eventually.  This is a fact we cannot deny.
It is evident in our world today as our climate changes and our environment suffers because we want to continue living one way.

And thankfully to those who do not fear and know the answers lay in change, are the ones who look ahead and bring back the balance of our lives through inspiration.  They are not afraid to adventure and discover what lies ahead.  They are willing to make the mistakes in order to make the corrections that lead to solutions.  And what is most important is the fact they do all this without a thought or concern for themselves.  The gift of inspiration is award enough and to see others benefit from it is icing on the cake.  These people do not claim the outcome for themselves, they know the inspiration came from somewhere else but only was relayed to through them.  They are the ones that look at something that may seem simple and can see the potential of what it was meant to be for you from the world.  Something great!