The world’s greatest mistakes

Always funny to see small mistakes leading to big disasters unless it happens to you. Hah.  These the tales of some of those mistakes.

“How old am I ?”

Matt Brooks of Cheshire, England, wanted to retire. He was a furnaceman, he thought he was 68 years old in 1981. When he got to the bureau to apply for the retirement he learned that he was 79 and should have applied 14 years earlier.

“Drumstick Of Doom”

There once was a parade in Ventura, California. One of the drum major of the parade flicked his stick up in the air. It hit a power cable and melted on it. There was a blackout in the entire neighborhood, the radio station was out for the day. It also burned some grass.

“Good Christians”

In the united nations meeting, U.S Ambassador of the United Nations, Warren Austin said that the Jews and Arabs  should settle their differences like ” good Christians”.

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